Do you ever have an outfit all planned out in your head and you put it on, look in the mirror and feel..bland? It happens to the best of us, but before you start dressing up from scratch, take a look at your accessories and you’ll be surprised how the right accessory can totally transform even your most basic outfits.


It’s all in the details. Accessories can really make or break your outfits so here are some of the most essential accessories that you simply must have on hand.

Jewelry: Rings, Necklaces, and Bracelets

What better way to express yourself through fashion than to create your own jewelry?  The founders of Cavici jewelry believe that customizing a piece of jewelry, especially when it involves charms, is one of the best ways to creatively express yourself. Whether it’s time to dress up or down, charm-bracelets add a special touch, especially when stacked, or paired with a watch.


Sleek and simple cuff bracelets can live forever in any woman’s wardrobe while beaded bracelets are increasingly becoming every man’s favorite accessory.


Because going out doesn’t always mean dressing to the tee, you can pair your casual outfit with a simple necklace that will add some artistic flair to your cozy basics. Solid chain necklaces are quite popular amongst men while layered necklaces are essential in every woman’s wardrobe. A statement necklace can truly round out your look, and you get extra points if you wear one with personalized charms.


While rings aren’t that common amongst men, stacked rings are a go-to when it comes to adding edge and style to a woman’s look. An oversized ring is one of the easiest ways to transform that simple, black cocktail dress into a fashion statement.

Silk Scarves

You may not think that a scarf is a closet essential, but that’s because you haven’t found the right one yet and once you do, you’ll never look back.


The beauty of a silk scarf lies in its versatility, it’s like three accessories in one; you can tie it around your neck for a poised look or let it fall elegantly over a chic blazer, you can wear it as a headband or tie it around your ponytail or bun to add a whimsical and stylish touch to your outfit, or you can upgrade your handbag by tying it around the handle, adding a fine designer finish to your look.


When it comes to silk scarves, you have a wide variety to choose from, you can opt for plain and simple or colorful and patterned, modern and abstract or neat and classic. It all depends on your unique, personal style, but rest assured that whatever scarf you choose and however you choose to wear it, you’ll be making a huge difference in your outfit, one that shouts confidence and style.


Few things make a person more favor than a good pair of sunglasses. In addition to protecting your eyes and hiding those dark circles when needed, sunglasses can jazz up even the most basic outfits. If your go-to answer to “What should I wear today?” is always “Jeans and a simple shirt”, pair your outfit with a flattering pair of shades and instantly upgrade your look from just comfortable to casual-cool.


When it comes to selecting a staple pair of sunglasses that you’ll wear season after season and with every type of outfit and on every occasion, style is key. You can’t go wrong with classic black shapes, but if you want to make a fashion-forward statement, you can go for dramatic cat-eye shades or an oversized colorful pair.

White Sneakers

When it comes to creating a wave of style that flows from head to toe, nothing works better than a classic pair of white sneakers. Branded or not, white sneakers are a must-have for a fashionable goes-with-everything wardrobe. For a pair that will never go out of style, pick one with soles that aren’t too thick or too thin. This kind of sneakers can be paired with your favorite casual wear, shorts, jeans, summer dress, and basically everything else which is why they’re a staple accessory that can’t be missed.

Be it your favorite sunglasses, that one bag that goes with everything, or the shoes that you never want to take off, no outfit is complete without accessories. If you think your outfits are a bit underwhelming or feel that they’re missing something, get yourself a few accessories and you’ll be able to completely transform and enhance your wardrobe so take your pick from this list get ready to show the world who you really are.

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