One trend I have seen lately are those decorative glasses.  Have you seen them, the ones where they are wine glasses that have designs on them?  How great are they to give as a gift for someone, especially Mother's Day or a wedding or housewarming.  With it being spring (at least it is supposed to be although sometimes the weather doesn't think so) and dinner parties and get-togethers and the start of grilling season and maybe eating al fresco, this is a great gift idea, especially for someone who you are not sure of what to get.  It is a nice little token and so pretty that they  can be kept out for all to see as decorative and not hidden away in a cupboard with the other plain glasses.

I happen to love the ladybugs one.  The detail on these glasses is outstanding and I would never have the patience to do anything like this.   Not only do they have the stemmed wine glasses but they also have stemless, and they have tumblers so even a great gift for a child, especially a girl when they are in that weird age where they are too old for toys and you have no idea what to get them anymore and they really don't like getting clothes yet.  And for the accident prone person who always seems to knock their glass over, ingenious, they have goblets with and a straw.  Love it!! Especially because that person is usually me!

The butterflies glass is gorgeous.  Those colors.  I absolutely love the blue butterflies.  The detail again is just beautiful. Then again, all their glasses have wonderful detail. This glass is so colorful and just screams springtime and can bring the feeling of spring no matter what the season.  Whenever I use this glass I get questions and people have to look at it and inspect it.  I need to get more because everyone seems to want to use them and I only have so many!

These acrylic decorative glasses are all hand painted and ladybug and butterflies are just a sample of what they have.  There is also daisy, flip-flops, maritime, fish, dandelion, poppy, seahorse, cactus, to name a few more.  If you are looking for a great gift idea especially this spring and with Mother's Day or even a birthday, check out Enesco Gifts!

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