Being involved in a traffic accident is often very stressful and scary, and it happens so fast that it really makes you think on your feet. But, if you were to know the steps that you need to take beforehand, it would be a lot easier to proceed and do them when something like this actually happens. 



As always – better be safe than sorry. And that’s what are we going to talk about in this article, here, we are going to prepare you step by step for what you need to do if you happen do be in a traffic accident.


  1. Check For Injuries 

The first and at that moment the most important thing that you have to do is to make sure if you have been injured during the accident. It’s possible that, because of the shock and adrenaline, you will feel fine, but be sure to check anyway for underlying injuries since they are common, just in case. This also applies to anyone that has been in the car with you. If everything is okay, you can proceed to the next step, but in case of a medical emergency, be sure to call 911 immediately before doing anything else! If you happen to see that anyone out of the car was involved in the accident and is injured, be sure to tend to their safety and call 911 as well.

   2. Get To Safety

Now that you have ensured that everyone in the car is not injured or is injured but you have called 911, it’s time to get you to safety, exit the vehicle, if you have anything to put behind the car in order to signal to the other incoming vehicles that there has been an accident, do that. If not, just go off-road, and proceed to the next step.

   3. Call 911

Okay, now that everything is handled properly, be sure to call 911, in some states, it’s even legally required to call the police in case of a traffic accident. Even if it isn’t legally required, we still recommend you to do so, because in case you want to file a lawsuit, it will be best that you have a copy of the police record to help you out, And also, your insurance company can ask for it as well, if you don’t have a chance to obtain the record from the police.

   4. Try To Make Sure What Has Happened

While you wait for the police, be sure to look around for important details, like the register plate of the other vehicle, just in case, if they choose to flee the scene. It’s better to be prepared. The next thing that you should look for is car parts, as well as skid marks and broken glass. 



All of these things will help you understand the variables regarding the accident better, which is important for when the police come. You should try to piece all the pieces together so that you will know what do you need to say to the police when they arrive.

  5. Explain Everything To The Police

When the police come to the scene, they will probably take pictures of the vehicles and ask for personal information. Then they will talk to both parties involved in order to make a police record. Be sure to explain everything to them, and after they are done, ask for a copy of the police record!

  6. Talk to a Qualified Car Accident Lawyer

When you are done with the police, be sure to talk to a qualified lawyer about finding ways to get compensated. Keep in mind that there are different laws in different states, so it’s important to find a lawyer that is informed about the laws in your state. So, let’s say that someone was involved in a car accident in Harrisonburg, and they don’t know that Virginia law say that motorists are required to exchange their driver’s license as well as the vehicle registration information with other motorists that were involved in the accident. If they didn’t do that, their lawsuit is in a problematic position. So, it’s even better to talk with a lawyer just for consultation and further reference, even if you haven’t been in an accident,  but in order to know what to do and who to call in case that you are in an accident.  The Hirsch and Lyon Accident Law firm is a perfect example for those looking for potential options if involved in an accident in Phoenix, Arizona. 


After everything is done, and all the steps have been followed through, you should try and relax to the best of your capabilities. In these stressful scenarios, there is just very little that you can do besides what we have already advised you to do, and if you have done all of that, you have probably done everything you could. In the end, the most important thing is that you are safe. Your lawyer and the police are going to take care of the rest.


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