I have really been trying to lose weight and cutting out soda and eating a lot better, thanks to my sister and her healthy cooking. When I was asked by Activz to try their shake mix and see how I felt about it.I have to say its pretty good and I use as a lunch snack , ill eat cereal in the morning and then at night we eat dinner. Since moving in with my sister I have lost close to 60 lbs and if I can shape up my legs and arms ill be good. This doesnt give me an after taste like slim fast did,I actually love drinking it.


The best part is it came with its own cup and I make it in this and drink it from here. I have added some fruit to it to give it a little bit of flavor and I love it . Taste so different than others I have tasted before and so good, im glad I tried this .

Here are some facts about it:

Boost your performance and stay full for longer with the convenient, nutritionally superior Activz Whey Protein Shake. Our Whey Protein Shake is a 100% natural protein source made from the whey of cattle that are grass-fed and have not been treated with the artificial rBST growth hormone. Our whey protein powder is simply formulated, with just 7 ingredients, and is easily prepared for use as a healthy snack, recovery beverage or meal complement. Each serving:

Packs 20g of highly absorbable protein.
Contains no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors.
Offers a complete protein, which contains all 9 essential amino acids in balanced amounts.
Did you know?
“Whey” is the protein-rich liquid that remains after curdling and straining milk to make cheese. A vital macronutrient needed for human health, protein provides amino acid chains that support a variety of processes in the body, especially the building and repair of muscle. Since it becomes harder over time for the body to retain muscle mass, getting enough protein daily (46 g/day for women, 56 g/day for men) is vital for overall health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Activz nutritional products are organic. Nothing synthetic is used in the various products or in the processing.

Our mission is to help you have Good Health with Activz organic whole food nutritional products. Your mission is to take active steps to maintain your health and wellness; it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Company Overview

Honest Nutrition is working very hard to change people's health for the better by making available the ultimate in organic whole-food nutritional supplements and organic food powders at an affordable price. Also, products are gluten free, containing only organic fruits and vegetables.
Our Silver Solution is a nano-processed silver, the next generation of silver products.


Honest Nutrition sells organic high-quality Activz brand nutritional supplements, organic fruit and vegetable powders, organic protein shakes, organic chia fruit energy bars and Activz Silver Solutions including gels and lozenges. Honest Nutrition sells these products at very affordable prices

They carry so many things:

Activz Complete
Activz 9-A-Day-Plus
Activz VMA
Activz Vit-Min-Pro
Activz Organic Vitamins
Activz Sliver Solutions
Activz Silver Lozenges
Activz Silver Gels
Activz Chia & Fruit Bars
Activz Rice Protein
Activz Whey Protein
Activz Krill Oil
Activz Fruit and Vegetable Powder

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