Recently I got 3 products from Acure Organics.I received the package and the first thing I did was open them to smell it, I opened the shampoo and was wowed…it smells so great, the conditioner smelled just as great as well as the leave in conditioner, it was three for three! I will start out with the shampoo, after speaking with Virginia an Acure Expert she decided my hair was best suited for the Moroccan Argan oil+Argan Stem Cell,it is a triple moisture repairing shampoo for normal to dry/ damaged/ curly hair.

Since I tend to dye my hair often, mostly due to 3 children hehehe, my hair suffers the consequences, it breaks easily and that causes frizzies and I'm always needing to pull it into a pony so it's not all wild. Here is the best thing I found out about this product, before I go into all it's other attributes…. It Is Made in the U.S.A. Yes Yes Yes… we should all buy American Made Products whenever possible! Ok with my opinion out there, let's continue, it is color safe, vegan,gluten free, sulfate free, paraban free, phthalate free, Cruelty free (another huge YAY) no synthetic fragrance and is 100% biodegradable, it has it all! It works fantastic, smells fantastic, leaves your hair shiny, silky, smooth, no flyaways, I couldn't believe they make the perfect shampoo! On to the conditioner, of course I used the Moroccan Argan Stem Cell+Argan Oil Conditioner, it provided moisture to my dry damaged hair and I can't stress enough, made it smell fantastic!

They use Organic pumpkin seed oil which is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which adds shine, locks in moisture, repairs damage, strengthens folicles. The company makes no false claims, it truly is Great. The Leave-in Conditioner/ detangler is perfect for everyone in my house, my older daughter has super curly hair, but not those nice curls, hers is wild unless it's just out of the shower, she dyes it every color imaginable purple seems to be the favorite, but we do pink, blue, green, yellow oh goodness when will this phase end? But she has been using this while she is straitening her hair,she loves it and so far has yet to stick it in her purse to horde it all to herself, but if I know her that may be coming soon! I use it daily after my shower and I use it on my youngest daughter who hates getting her hair brushed because as she put's it, I'm the meanest Mother Ever and RIP her hair out… no I'm serious these are her words every morning!

I used the Acure Leave in conditioner and she didn't complain about it once, once again I'm not making this up, it worked great, her hair was left soft and silky and detangled. These products are very affordable, and although I've only been using them about 1 week now, i'm sure I'll be placing an order soon.

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