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Nikki recently had the chance to review contact lenses by Acuvue. I used to use a different contact lens brand and I loved them. However as I got older (and years went by) my eyes changed the contacts wouldn’t last me as long and left my eyes feeling very dry. Especially in the summer time I could open a new pack for vacation and would have to carry eye drops with me to the beach and apply and reapply them to keep my contacts moist. I actually had one dry up while sun bathing and fall out. When I went for my eye exam and spoke with my optometrist about it she suggested I try Acuvue  Oasys with Hydraclear Plus. The first full day wearing them I noticed a complete difference. I even wore them on a trip in hot weather and didn’t need to apply eye drops. The difference in the Hydraclear is tremendous. I don’t get that tired eye look at the end of the day from my dry eyes. I don’t feel the need to put in eye drops throughout the day. I have tried them for a few weeks now so I have opened a few packs (recommended for 2 week use) and have only had a problem with one lens. For some reason it was uncomfortable in my eye (I’m guessing a fluke factory issue) so I stopped using it and opened a new pack. I only had that issue once and in only one lens.  I am very happy with my new contacts and am grateful that the lenses stay moist throughout the full day.


The Acuvue  Oasys provides 98% of available oxygen to the eye.  The second generation of HYDRACLEAR technology permanently embeds a higher volume of moisture rich wetting agent. which results in all day comfort and less dryness. they are ultra smooth so every blink feels like you are not wearing contact lenses. they block 96% of UV-A rays. For more information click here.


You can receive a certificate for a free trial pair of lenses of Acuvue Oasys Brand contact lenses by visiting www.Acuvue.com. ( Professional  exam and fitting fees not included)

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