My youngest is addicted (only way to describe it) to Narwahl's. It's an inside joke but he says they are his family, along with another species of animals, and every now and then they call to him (he knows the sound that they make). So, when this poster arrived in the mail he was over the moon and the first thing he did (even before homework, which comes before everything else) is hang up this poster. If you knew him you would understand what a trip he is. Our home life is in no way boring, let me tell you. I think he is going to become an oceanographer or he's going to have something to do with the seas and oceans when he grows up. I wouldn't doubt it one bit.

Did you know that Norwahls are the unicorns of the sea?  This design immortalizes the narwahl (Monodon monoceros), the real creature of the sea. Narwahls have long since been tied to folklore and their tusks were often used as “proof” of unicorns during the middle ages. They were hunted out for their tusks, which were thought to have magical and/or medicinal properties. This toothed whale can be found in the arctic and is found and is known for its deep dives – recorded at over 2,600 feet.

The design features two narwhals, swimming inside a scrimshaw style frame.

Looks like I will be buying at least two more posters. I have two other children and you know children. If one has something the others have to have the exact same thing. For the past 13 years I have bought things in triplet even though I don't have triplets. Who says parents of twins and more spend more money than the rest of us parents. Good thing they are all so cute.



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