A party means getting sweet treats. A party can never be complete without delicious snacks; brownies, sweets, cakes and soft drinks. Cupcakes should not miss in your party whether it is a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or even weddings. Cupcakes should be on the list of food. Why do I say so? To begin with, cupcakes are so beautiful. They can have different designs, color, and even flavors to suit many different people. The second reason, cupcakes are of perfect size. Having cravings for sweet things can only be craved by taking enough bites. If you go for a cake in place of cupcakes, you will have to slice into small pieces, and these slices are never enough. Lastly, cupcakes are very easy to handover in a party compared to many other snacks.

Adorable Designs

When you choose to have cupcakes at your event, you must have to select the best design that will suit your occasion. Remember, no matter how sweet the cake is what will attract people is the design of the cupcake. The design, therefore, has to be perfect. There are a hundred designs that you can have on your cupcakes.


We have made a list of adorable cupcake ideas for special events that you can choose from.

1. Printed tags and flags

This is one of the best and easiest ways to top a cupcake. All you need to do is customize or download your tags that will match the event you are holding. When you have the writings on a piece of paper cut, them in a round shape or any other shape you want and use colorful toothpicks to pop them onto the cupcakes.

2. Fresh fruits

Who doesn’t love fruits? You can use fresh fruits to design your cakes. This gives the muffins a lovely look, and everyone will be salivating to take a bite. All you need are strawberries and a knife. Wash the berries and slice them into thin slices (not all the way to the stem, so as the slices can hold together). Pull the slices sideways and place them on the cupcake. You can use any fruit of your choice.

3. Chocolate drawings

Everyone loves chocolate. Add some chocolate drawings on the cupcake to make everyone want to have a bite. All you need to do is melt some chocolate bars and using a piping bag pipe out drawings on a waxing paper and leave it to dry. When the chocolate hardens, peel the paper off and pop the chocolate on the cupcake’s frosting.

4. Candy and cookies

This is also a straightforward cupcake design, but you can be assured it will add character to the cupcakes. Get some candies and slice them well. Place them at an angle on the frosting cupcakes. With the cookies too, cut in different shapes and pop them onto the cupcakes. You will also fall in love with this design.

5. More cupcake

Maybe you do not have all the mentioned things; chocolates, fruits, candies and cookies and you want to have a good design that will add cravings for your guest. There is an option. All you have to do is bake your cupcakes and do not frost all or get cupcakes delivered to your doorstep by ordering them (some frosted and some unfrosted). Cut the unfrosted into three 0r four pieces horizontally and carve out the shape you want using your hands or you can use cookies cutter. When you have the shape, you wanted to top it up on the frosted cakes and give it a professional look.


These are some of the few designs that one can use to give the cupcakes a good look. There are many more including others that use the equipment. These five are the cheapest and most straightforward. Every person can do these on their own without requiring any specialized equipment.


Decorating the cupcakes is a super fun activity. The design you use to decorate them will determine the number of “wow” you will receive from people when they get to see them even without eating. Having the decoration done at the bakery might be quite disappointing for you will not get what exactly you want. Do not wait for frustrations, design your cupcakes. All you need is a little dedication to steal the attention of everyone who will be at the event.

They say cooking is an art. You can create anything and pop it onto the cupcakes. As long as what you use is edible. Wishing you all the best as you design the cupcakes!

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