Adult Quarantine Can Be Fun

Quarantine Drinking (Actually, Eating) Is A Thing And I'm Here To Invite You!

We are all getting a little bored and looking for some legal fun to have while in quarantine.  Well, if you like mixed drinks, you'll absolutely love this idea.  Even though we can't be together, you can Facetime or Zoom (or whatever) and have a small party with your friends.  However, instead of drinking your cocktail, you can eat it!  What the heck am I talking about?  Well, Smith & Sinclair London has the best alcoholic gummies you'll ever try.  Each one is packaged separately so you can choose how many you want, or just go for it!  Obviously, these are only for adults over the age of legal drinking.  Each piece contains 5% alcohol by volume and they're yummy!  One of my favorites is the Pineapple Bellini.  Smith & Sinclair London sent me the Queen Mother Box and Got It From My Mama.  Oh, they also sent me this amazing Edible Cocktail Glitter Dust Rasberry Rose Gold.  I know that's a mouthful, but it's this cool mix that you simply sprinkle into your drink of choice and it gives it a cool sparkly, galaxy look.  Also, it tastes like sweetarts!

Adult Quarantine Can Be Fun

Great Quarantine Mother's Day Gift

Mom deserves the most unique gift you can find!  I believe these awesome tasting gummies would fall under that description.  What Mama doesn't want to enjoy a yummy cocktail while letting go of the crazy days we've had to endure?  Not only do they taste amazing, but this gift will be delivered straight to her door!  If Mom isn't a drinker (eater) then you can simply choose the Mocktail Gummies, which of course, contains alcohol-free gummies.  So, she can enjoy the yummy taste of a pineapple bellini without worrying about how the alcohol will make her dance on the couch (or table, we won't judge!).

Adult Quarantine Can Be Fun

The Best Gummies Ever

Smith & Sinclair London Gummies are especially yummy and they're a company that cares.  They donate to special causes which, in my book, makes them very special!  Not many companies will give their hard-earned money away, but they are.  Let's make this Mother's Day one to remember.  Give Mom something that'll make her smile and forget her troubles.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat more gummies!

Adult Quarantine Can Be Fun

I do have an extra idea on how to use the Edible Glitter Dust.  On mixed drinks or any drink, you can use it to cover the rim around the glass. It'll give you a small amount of flavor every time you take a drink.

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