Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers For Turntable

Busy picking your first turntable? We understand that you want to bypass all the cats in the bag and immediately buy a good vinyl record player. Did you know that Hi-fi systems and powered Bluetooth speakers are now popular? But, for good reasons. Turntables that come loaded with Bluetooth capabilities are now a number one choice for many people. Here we shall look at the best Bluetooth speakers for turntable, pros, cons, how to operate them, and everything else you need to know. Stay tuned.




A Bluetooth turntable is a device that connects to headphones, powered speakers, or stereos without the need for wires. In other words, it doesn't require cables to connect the record player or turntable. Therefore you can play your favorite music wirelessly from a distance of approximately 30 feet. 


In this scenario, you'll need Bluetooth-powered speakers to connect your turntable wirelessly. You'll need headphones, a Hi-Fi system, or stereo receivers with Bluetooth capabilities in other situations. 


If your turntable doesn't have Bluetooth, you can enable it by using an adapter.


How to connect your Bluetooth enable turntable to a wireless speaker


Before connecting, ensure your turntable is Bluetooth enabled. Quite often, people tend to confuse between a Wi-Fi enabled, and Bluetooth enabled device. It's important to note that these are two different protocols. 


From here, the next step is to pair your turntable to the Bluetooth speakers so that it can transfer the sound or music wirelessly.


Pairing these devices requires you to enable the pairing mode. To do this, simply press the Bluetooth button on either unit. The connection will signal by flashing a light or a sound. This way, you'll know that you've activated the pairing mode.


After pairing, now the music will play wirelessly, and you can listen from a distance.

If you switch off the speakers, the whole system goes off. Subsequently, you can connect the next time you need to switch them on.


Connecting a Bluetooth enabled turntable to headphones


There's no difference in connecting your turntable to headphones. First, you need to activate pairing on both devices, just like described in the procedure above.


Can you connect Bluetooth to Wi-Fi wireless speakers?


As you already know, there is a difference between Bluetooth-enabled turntable speakers and Wi-Fi wireless speakers. Both protocols are different, and you'll find that Bluetooth units are much cheaper. However, Wi-Fi is more expensive and normally found in high-end speakers. 


Worth noting, a Bluetooth turntable doesn't connect or even play music or sound on Wi-Fi-enabled speakers. Therefore when shopping, it's vital to check if the speakers are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible.


Finding the best Bluetooth turntable


If you're looking for the best Bluetooth turntable, you'll be amazed at the wide variety on the market. However, when choosing the most important thing, select a device that will give you value for money and offer excellent performance in terms of sound quality. You can get a wide selection at https://1byoneaudio.co alongside other accessories.


Is your turntable Bluetooth enabled?


If your turntable is not Bluetooth enabled, no need to worry since there's still some home. You'll need to use a Bluetooth adapter to convert your record player into a Bluetooth-enabled device. There are so many marshall portable speakers, out there, and picking the best ones is a must. 


The good thing about the adapters is that they come with RCA male connectors and a 3.5mm jack. Therefore, you can plug it into a turntable and pair the device with wireless speakers. You'll often find a user guide that comes with the package, which will help you with the installation.


Factors to keep in mind when buying a Bluetooth adapter


Before buying an audio Bluetooth adapter, consider whether you only need a Bluetooth transmitter, a Bluetooth receiver, or even an adapter that can do both. You need a Bluetooth receiver if, for example, you want to play music from your mobile phone or smartphone on your hi-fi system.


Another thing to keep in mind is the Bluetooth version. The modern Bluetooth adapters include the models from version 4.0. They offer you the necessary energy efficiency as well as speed and security in data transmission.


Also, look out for compatibility. You only have to pay attention to whether the Bluetooth adapter is compatible with the devices you are using with USB Bluetooth adapters. The compatibility of audio Bluetooth adapters is more dependent on the connections. If the plug fits, everything is good, and you can work with the adapter. 


Check also if it's plug & play. Suppose you choose a Bluetooth adapter with plug & play function. In that case, you do not need to install a driver, as the adapter is then matched to the operating systems that the manufacturer explicitly mentions as compatible systems in its product description. 


Especially if you are not technically savvy, Plug & Play is the easiest and fastest way to establish a Bluetooth connection. USB Bluetooth adapters that do not have a plug & play function are supplied with a driver CD or a download link. 


Also, think about the range. As a rule, a range of 10 meters is completely sufficient. This corresponds to Bluetooth class II, which provides ranges of 10 to 50 meters. 


If you need a longer range for various reasons, Class I Bluetooth adapters offer ranges of up to 100 meters. Class III Bluetooth adapters have the shortest range.


Lastly, don't forget to check the power supply and battery power. One of the advantages of a Bluetooth adapter is that you hardly need any cables. The USB Bluetooth adapter even works without a cable. 


On the other hand, you need an additional connection for an audio Bluetooth adapter for a permanent power supply. However, some mobile models work on a battery and only need to be wired for charging.


Pros of a Bluetooth turntable


  • The turntable has no cables and is therefore easy to operate
  • The speakers are freer, and you can listen to your music at any location without the need to move the turntable.
  • You can connect to your wireless headphones, which improves your user experience.


Cons of a Bluetooth turntable


  • Sometimes the sound quality is compromised
  • The pairing procedure might be complex for some people
  • Buying an adapter will increase your cost




Bluetooth speakers for turntables are a flexible way to listen to your favorite tunes from a distance. If you have an older turntable that doesn't have a Bluetooth function, you don't have to buy modern devices with integrated Bluetooth chips right away. You can easily retrofit your device with a Bluetooth adapter.

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