Changing your diet, altering your grocery list and eating gluten free food all together is an easy decision. Not just because of ever-growing popularity and availability of groceries, but because it is a healthy choice of lifestyle as well. In the past three years, the gluten free market grew to 44% and today one in four people claim that they have benefited from switching their diet to more organic friendly products. The change is simple! All you have to do is to avoid products that contain wheat, rye, barley and oats, because they all contain a certain protein called gluten, which could be harmful for you without you even knowing it. Before we go through the list of your everyday groceries with and without gluten, let’s first establish what the advantages of gluten free food are and possibly help you decide to choose this diet.



Recovered metabolism functions

If you are experiencing bloating, constipation, and all in all digestion problems and you are not sure of the reason, this might be an indicator that you are gluten intolerant. The protein itself is not the problem, undigested protein that you are getting from wheat and rye is. With the lower intake and finally cutting certain products from your diet, you could easily regulate your stomach ache, indigestion and speed up your metabolism. This could help you control your weight better, lose weight more efficiently, and your immune system is going to be thankful too. More than 80% of your immune system reactions actually comes from your gut and stomach.  

Regained stamina

Your lack of energy could be directly linked to gluten. If you are experiencing fatigue, or you get exhausted very fast, that could be just a response from your body, telling you that you should cut on gliadin and glutenin ingestion for at least couple of weeks and give your organism a chance to recover. Chronic weakness could be rooted in this particular problem, consult your therapist and he or she will confirm that you could at least give it a try. You can’t lose anything, and your body could feel rejuvenated in just a matter of a month and then you will have a solid reason to keep your diet gluten free.  In the meantime you should think about starting some exercise regime.



Happier life

Being anxiety free and less depressed could also be just a matter of the few modifications to your diet. Believe it or not, the often cause of nervousness can be your irritable bowel. Lack of interest, insomnia, mood swings and unexplained anger issues are all rooted in this improperly digested protein, and in more serious cases, irritable bowels can even cause fatigue, brain-fog and migraine. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, and you can’t explain the cause, consult your physician, and do try altering your diet, it may work wonders for you.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing everything from the above, you may have Celiac disease, and gluten could be poisonous for you. All in all, you should try this diet anyway, because you can’t go wrong with eating healthy. You can find gluten free food online and choose groceries that are now more affordable as well due to their ever-growing popularity. Here is a short list of everyday groceries that you should definitely avoid, but do investigate further by yourself and find out what can you add or cut your weekly menu:

  • Pasta
  • Durum
  • Baked goods
  • Bread crumbs
  • Ramen
  • Soy sauce
  • Graham
  • Oats

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