Adventure time Finn the human DVD with backpack. My son Zachary loves watching adventure time. No matter if it's a repeat or not. I am so glad we had the chance to review the new DVD. My favorite character is the ice princess. In this episode Finn and jake follow the lice through portal. Where Finn is transported into an alternate reality. Where he s a normal human living with his family and his dog jake, on a farm. Finn discovers a magical ice crown, which he attempts to use to repay his family debt. After he wears it in his head, he magically has the power over ice and snow.

The story for “Finn the Human” is a continuation of the plot from the fourth season finale “The Lich”; the plot was continued on into the following episode, “Jake the Dog”. “Finn the Human” was watched by 3.435 million viewers and received largely positive critical acclaim, with writers from The A.V. Club and IndieWire applauding the episode for being both an excellent season premiere, as well as a creative challenge, respectively. For more information click here.

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