We are excited to offer advertising on Things That Make People Go Aww. We offer several advertising options, we want your business big or small to be able to afford advertising on our site! We want to help you get your name out there!

Please review these options, and feel free to ask about them if you have questions.

Thank you for considering advertising your business or product through Things That Make People Go Aww!


Left Sidebar Button Ad on Things That Make People Go Aww blog


-Appears on our homepage, links directly to sponsor’s website.

“contact me” or send me an email for prices!

A Sponsor spotlight post:

I will write a post spotlighting your shop or site. I will include pictures and product information as well as  links to your shop or site!  “contact me” or send me an email for prices!

Product, Book, Service Review –
FREE (In exchange for product to be reviewed and kept or website credit)

Sign Up here to have us review one of your products 

Giveaway Hosting-
“contact me” or send me an email for prices!


Link to your site under My Favorite Links on Main Page of Blog

“contact me” or send me an email for prices!

If you have a different advertising idea you’d like us to consider, we’d love to hear it!
Don’t be shy, pitch us your products or ideas! We are PR Friendly!

To advertise with us, please contact us!


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