Aesop's 3rd book of childhood adventures ( aesop's fables and other short stories). This book includes the stories the boy who cried wolf, the lion and the mouse, and the father's bundle. These were very good short stories. I had my son Zachary who is eight years old read them to me. He only got stuck on Aesop. After we read each story we talked about the moral of each story. And if we had learned anything.
He really like the boy who cried wolf the most. He told me he learned not to lie because after you lie no one will believe you. I would like to get a chance for us to read other Aesop books.
Each fable is told from the perspective of a child observing the world and learning from it. In this truly unique series, Aesop is that child. He comes to life as an inquisitive, confident young raccoon who goes on a daily adventure and experiences each fable as it unfolds. aesop's grandmother encourages him to go on these adventures so that he may find answers to his many questions. Upon return Aesop shares what he has learned with his grandmother who validates his conclusions.


One of the most powerful forms of learning occurs through real life experience and self motivation. Learning begins with curiosity and succeeds only with preserverance. Unfortunately as children grow their curiosity and freedom of expression wanes. This book endeavors to strengthen a child's unbounded curiosity so that they feel empowered and never stop asking why.



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