Aeveka skincare is made with all natural and organic ingredients. Our products contain no harmful, heavy, oils and are not diluted with water. Aeveka uses real fruit juices, and green and red teas that are cold pressed in order to keep their nutritional value.


Looking at the beautiful packaging and feeling the luxurious textures of the product, you can definitely tell a lot of love went in to the development and production of these cleansers, treatments, and creams. When I was asked to do this review I was more then happy too. Being a blogger you love trying out the newest stuff and I was happy to do this one.

Aeveka Skincare smell incredible (slight citrus smell) and feel luxurious, you can rest at ease knowing you’re using products made from natural and organic sources. I have semi-sensitive skin and have not experienced any problems using the facial serum. I am very careful with what I use on my face, and im happy to say this did not do anything. It smells so good and leaving my face feeling so soft and smooth, i have been using this for three week now and I love it.

Aeveka is an all-natural, vegan skincare line. We are Chemical – free, Paraben-free, Formaldehyde-free, Sulfate-free, GMO-free, and Vegan. There is absolutely No Animal Testing . That is a great thing in my book. This refreshing serum contains Organic Apple Juice, which is a natural form of Malic acid that promotes elasticity and collagen breakdown. When used properly, this serum helps reduce wrinkles and restores the skin to its natural glow.


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