As most moms know after baby comes you are left with the task of not only taking care of that sweet baby but also the task of getting your body back into shape. It isn't always easy, and some moms “bounce back” much quicker than others. Thankfully there are companies like Mommy Knows Best, that have an array of items that are there to help you do just that, while also looking out for what you need to care for your wee one.

With everything from belly bands, breast pads, fenugreek, and breastmilk coolers, to stretch mark cream, biotin (to help regrow the hair you may have lost during pregnancy), and even acne cream to help rid your skin of pregnancy acne. Mommy Knows Best knows exactly what you need…how? Well, I will let them speak for themselves!

Made by Moms, For New Moms

“We believe that the majority of issues in our bodies can be solved using nature's perfect ingredients. Here at Mommy Knows Best, all of our products are specially formulated and customized to meet the unique needs and challenges a new mother will face during her first year of motherhood. Whether its breastfeeding support, skin, or hair care; Mommy Knows Best has created a product specifically for you!” ~Mommy Knows Best


Even now, a full year after my last baby was born, I am still needing all the help I can get. I love the fact that I have specially formulated items that will care for my skin, hair, face, and even for the milk that nourishes my baby's body! I even have weight vest to help me get back in shape! You have to love a company that cares about moms as much as they do!

I love everything in this picture…from the reusable breast pads to the fenugreek that helps me increase my milk supply, and the stretch mark cream combined with the belly band…everything goes hand in hand for what I need, and my baby needs.


after baby


Were you one of those women that lost your hair, or developed acne during your pregnancy? Well, Mommy Knows Best has you covered, they have an array of hair growth supplements for regrowing your hair, and nails. The best part is, they are gluten-free and NON-GMO! The acne cream has been amazing as well, silky smooth, and a nice scent, it contains Benzoyl Peroxide 7.5%, ea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter!


Finally, they have some great products for taking back control of your health after baby arrives…one item that I like is their Pure Stevia Sweetener Powder – I have been using it in my morning coffee, and it is amazing. However, my favorite item is the weight vest. I would estimate them to be about 20 lbs, but the way I feel after wearing it while I am on the treadmill or elliptical, or even around the house, is fantastic! It feels like I have done twice the workout, and I know my muscles are responding in a positive way!

after baby


Whether you are a new mom or a veteran mom, Mommy Knows Best has some amazing products for you before and after baby comes. You can check them out on their website, or follow them on social media, by clicking the links below!


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