Have you seen those places they have where you can just jump on everything? They have all these air mats that you can jump on.  Kids seem to love it, and they say that it is really good exercise and you can burn a lot of calories doing it.  It does not even feel like it because there is nothing more fun than jumping up and down (remember jumping on the mattress when you were a kid?).  Something that is fun and does not even feel like “exercise?” Sign me up.  The only problem is, paying for a half hour of “jump time” is not cheap so doing it more than one time a week is hard. Factor in my kids who want to do it too and it gets pretty expensive and sometimes once a week is even too much.


With the airtrack I can do it whenever I want.  They have three levels of thickness, so for my purpose, I use the thickest one (30 cm). They also have different sizes so I was able to get one that fit my backyard perfectly.  I also like the fact that it is pretty much on the ground.  Trampolines are high and I have seen enough people fall off of them and mishaps with trampolines that I feel better with this being on the ground.


The thinnest mat (10 cm) is perfect for any gymnast or cheerleader to practice on instead of a hard floor.  Same with practicing martial arts.  The gymnastic air mat is nice and comfy for them to practice for hours. I am lucky I have a decent sized basement that I can use for that. I  also love that there is somewhere they can practice so that they are not jumping around my living room or their bedrooms making the house shake!!!

Then there is the middle thickness one (20 cm) which is great for flips and stuff because it is more bouncy than the thinnest one and not as bouncy as the thickest one.  Of course , ou could have probably figured that out for yourself.  The point is, whatever you want the mats for you can find your size and level of thickness, such as the Inflatable Small Air Track Tumble Trak Air Floor.

Check out all the airtracks for yourself and see what is right for you.  They come with an air pump and even a repair kit just in case.  If you want something for yourself to get a bit of a workout, or you have any little gymnasts/cheerleaders/martial arts students or even just little ones who love to jump around you will be glad you did!


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  1. Hi Kathy Siano,
    I Hope you are well. I am trying to Gym But I have no any Air Track. I want to buy A air Track. Can you give me any suggestions for buying an Air Track? Thanks

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