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Recently I was given the chance to review air wicks scented candle. Evergreen adventure enchanted holidays edition there's nothing better then searching for the perfect Christmas tree , an exhilarating and fragrant adventure that is cherished for years to come. I love candles. I have them all around my house. There's nothing like coming home and relaxing to the nice smells that fill your home. You can change the scents with the seasons. The jar is very nice with an easy fit lid. You can peel off the easy to remove label. You can create the perfect ambiance in your home with the help of the new stylish air wick good to be home candle collection. Their collection comes in the botique look we all love at a great price. The crafted candle by air wicks fragrance experts, provide a comforting fragrance that helps accent your home decor. Their designs can compliment any room. I really like the way the candle burned. I used the whole thing. The candle burned all the way to the end. I have had candles tha top when you blow them out. And relight them they do not burn correctly. This candle was great. I can't wait to see what other fragrances they have. For more information lick here.

333 025

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  1. Ralph Fuẞnettski says:

    Hey, I heard that you like pugs and calico cats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) come back to New Jersey Nancy. the whole family misses you. We all really miss you here.. although New Jersey smells,, come on back. you can bring ray, bring the dog and the cat. bring the niece and nephew please Nancy. South Carolina isn’t as good as classic ol’ new jersey.
    yours truly,

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