Another thing I received which really excite me is my free sample of Airborne Gummies from Smiley360.com. Not a member yet? sign up here. It's totally free and fun site if you love freebies.. wink:)

It arrived on my mailbox yesterday and so excited to try it out. This Airborne Gummies are really good, It's like eating a candy. The AWESOME!!! part, It helps support your immune system.Yay

It consist of three different flavors Citrus, Mixed Berry and Grapefruit. I love the Mixed Berry most, but they all equally delicious..

I really enjoyed the taste of these and the convenience of taking them everyday. Airborne also has a variety of Effervescent flavors as well as a great variety of chewables. Airborne has on the go packets that you just add to your bottle of water. They make gummies for children to help support your child's immune system. They make lozenges and have a hot soothing mix.

The other immune support companies I have seen out there do not have as many flavors to choose from and they do not have the great options of taking your immune support like Airborne does. I will be sticking with Airborne products for now on to help support my immune system as well as my families.

I received my FREE Sample of Airborne Gummies from Smiley360.com

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