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Do you despise the fact that even after you use a moisturizer or lotion on your skin that hours later, it looks and feels dry again as if you have not yet moisturized your skin? That is the dilemma I face on a daily basis. I want smooth healthy skin that is not dry, and that has a youthful look and feel to it. I found out about the amazing products from Albertini International. Their motto is having “beauty solutions for women old enough to know and young enough to care.”

Aging Skin

As I have been aging, I notice how much drier my skin has become through the years. I’m nearing my forties and I can definitely tell the changes that are happening to my body due to aging. One of them is the ability for my skin to secrete oil to help keep it more moisturized. Dry skin can actually affect everyone and the right thing to do is to start caring about your skin and use products that will help it be the best it can be. Be it using great moisturizers, soaps, humidifiers, etc, treat your skin with the love it needs. Albertini International has thirty years of experience in testing and developing skin care and hair products that support people who crave the need for skin hydration.

Mist Yourself

When you are on the go and feel that you need some kind of pick me up to freshen your skin, there is the “Did You Mist Me” dual action hydrating and cooling mist. It is an eight ounce bottle that you can spray on your face, body or scalp to instantly sooth and rehydrate dry thirsty skin. It fortifies your skin’s natural moisture factor with vitamin B5, sodium PCA, and hyaluronic acid. It dries clean, leaving your skin hydrated and supple. It calms dry itchy skin, reduces redness, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. I also love that it is sulfate, paragon, and gluten free. Meaning it tries to include even those who are sensitive and hypoallergenic.

Condition your Body Like you do your Hair

To get on the right track, when in the shower, I recommend using the Divine Skin Hydrator. It is an in shower body moisturizer. It is unscented and is nine ounces from a tube. It’s purpose is to condition your body like you condition your hair. Because, after all, we want both our hair and body to look and feel great. The Divine skin hydrator helps replenish your skin’s natural moisture factor. It holds the water in your skin. It rehydrates and soothes rough dry skin, while being quick and easy to use in the shower. If your skin is normally dry, then you would apply a small amount of the hydrator cream to clean damp skin when in the shower, then lightly rinse and pat to dry. But, if your skin is extra dry, then ideally, after showering, pat dry, leaving skin still damp; then, apply the hydrator all over your body and run into your skin. I love how soft my skin feels when I use this both in the shower and out of the shower.

Rough Love your Skin

Now if you have rough flaky skin, like me, I also love a good body scrub. Albertini International has the Rough Love body scrub. This scrub is a salt mud fusion, that combines natural sea salt and colloidal fresh water silts to improve skin smoothness. Some of the key ingredients of arctic peat, wasabi, and Japanese mushroom extract do amazing work in removing impurities and debris. It also has arctic cloudberry seed oil with essential fatty acids that also work in hydrating the skin. I also want to mention that none of these products are ever tested on animals.

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