All Hemp Oil Is Not The Same

All Hemp Oil Is Not The Same Due To Many Variables

I've tried different types of hemp and CBD oil before and I like them, however, I don't get enough out of them to use long-term.  Since trying the types of oils, I've also researched and learned a lot about how different companies extract the oil from the hemp plant.  There are also places that use the seeds of the plant instead of the plant, itself.  This has a lot to do with how it will affect you.  Recently, I only trust Populum Hemp CBD Oil.  They are meticulous about safety and how to get the best out of the plant.  You have to be careful about what you put into your body, but I do trust Populum.

All Hemp Oil Is Not The Same

What Does Hemp Oil Do For You?

According to Populum's website, this is what their oil has to offer.  “It's a full-spectrum, non-psychoactive oil, filled with cannabinoids and terpenes to help regulate and stabilize your body”.  If you're not sure what the heck cannabinoids and terpenes are, they're simply products extracted out of the plant that helps our bodies.  That is the very generic definition of it.  One reason I love Populum is that they extract the oil from the buds of the hemp plant instead of just using the seeds.  When you only use the seeds it won't give you the specific benefits I'm looking for.  So, what does the oil do for you?  It helps with insomnia, pain, anxiety (why I'm using it), depression, acne, heart disease, and so much more!  We're just learning how amazing the hemp plant is and if you're wondering, no…you can't get high from it.

All Hemp Oil Is Not The Same

Quality Is Very Important

If you simply choose any hemp/CBD oil you're probably not going to get a quality product.  Populum is committed to quality, purity, and complete transparency.  It's their top priority to make each bottle the best it can be.  This is so important when it comes to anything you're putting into your body.  We want something that will help us, not hurt us!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they even have a 30-day money-back guarantee on your first product that you order!  How crazy is that?  This is why I love this company.

All Hemp Oil Is Not The Same

Don't forget to check Populum out on their website!  They have more to offer than just hemp oil.  I love their cold therapy hemp rub!

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All Hemp Oil Is Not The Same

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