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All-Natural Nourishing Powder

This All-Natural Nourishing Powder Can Improve Many Skin Irritations On Face & Body

When it comes to our skin we need to use all-natural ingredients because your skin is worth it!  I'm sure we've all used those disgusting items filled with harsh chemicals.  At least we now know what to stay away from, right?  If you have irritated skin from the wind, sunburn, dryness, or even eczema, I have the perfect thing to use!  Naprim Naturals has the most innovative all-natural nourishing powder that helps all kinds of skin issues.  They sent me their Nourishing Powder + Kabuki Brush Set and I couldn't love it more.  This soothing wonder is great on the face and body for so many ailments, plus it's even gentle enough to be used on baby.

Talc-Free Powder

Everything you get from Naprim Naturals is talc-free, vegan, and naturally unscented.  No matter how sensitive your skin is you can use this.  It calms inflammation, redness, dryness, and even clears breakouts and blemishes.  Yes, that is correct, this is a miracle in a jar!  I happen to love how soft the kabuki brush is on my face.  See, I have a tendency to have dry, chapped cheeks so I can't ever use my makeup like I want to.  However, when I use this amazing stuff it calms the freakout my poor skin is having right away.  Did I mention that it's made from plant-based materials?  When they say all-natural, they mean it.

What Exactly Is In It

Would you like to know the ingredient list?  The list includes Arrowroot, Kaolin Clay, Non-nano zinc oxide, Calendula, Marshmallow Root, and Chamomile.  It almost sounds like a tea!  If you don't know what some of those are, please believe me when I say they're the most gentle materials you can find.  You'll want to put this on your face and body.

I've read some of the comments or reviews on their website and I can tell you that it has helped so many people.  Some have even said that it fixed their eczema within days!  Please go and check them out for yourself.

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