Now that the weather is getting cooler, I have been looking for some new bedding, When it comes to my bedding I love things that are both soft and warm. We live down South its not really cold but can get in the low 60-50. While searching I happened to come across Comma they have some nice products and I found the perfect blanket for my bed.

It comes packaged in its own bag and shrink-wrapped to fit, once I took the plastic off the blanket unfolded, the perfect blanket for my bed, we are so in love with it.

Cooler than being cool. Relax in cloudy bliss with this comforter made from real eucalyptus fibers. If you're looking for a durable, lightweight option that's not weighted, this blanket is a must-have for sleeping or lounging.

Made of 80% Lycoell & 20% Polyester from 100% recycled water bottles. Our recycled polyester eliminates the chance of unwanted microbes from forming and keeps your comforter looking silky smooth.

We are so happy with this comforter, I love to be cool at night where my husband loves to warm this does both jobs, Couldn't be more happy and satisfied with this blanket.

This blanket is cool to the touch, thanks to the eucalyptus fibers that keep the temperature in check. The inside is made up of one sheet so there's no bulding. I love that it's so smooth and looks awesome on my bed.

Sprawling out on it feels so luxurious. It also washes really well (it smelled a bit odd right out of the packaging, so I washed and dried it with cold water/on delicate, and it came out perfectly, I was worried that I would ruin it in the dryer but it came out as good as it looked when we opened it.

For anyone who is looking for that perfect and not so heavy and lightweight then this is the blanket for you.


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