With so much going on in the world, as woman we need all the protection we can get. My niece is always alone driving when her friends aren't with her, I got her some mace but is that really enough to protect her.

eAlarm is another great product to protect her with, the tiny gadget will let someone know she needs help. How does this work, it is a pull-pin activated 120 decibel alarm that can fit on a keychain! The tiny alarm is considered the “pepper spray of the future.” The eAlarm comes with a metal carabiner and can easily be clipped onto a student's backpack.

Parents love it because it is Child Safe, Water Resistant, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It's also extremely popular in the hiking and camping community because it is an effective an animal repellant which does not harm wildlife or the environment.  The siren will sound continuously for 30 minutes unless pin is returned to device.
You can take your portable alarm in the cold outdoors, where you might need it most. Operating Temperature Range: -10*C to 40*C or 14*F to 104*F. People put alarms on their homes and cars, but not themselves or their children. Why not? We believe life is much more valuable. It's built by people who care about making great and affordable safety products.
The SOUND GRENADE+ allows maximum utility for those intending to use in the outdoors with a rugged rubber water-resistant shield. The extra bottom hook feature allows easy construction of a tripwire or campsite alarm. INCLUDED: Battery and Metal Carabiner. Transform very quickly into a tripwire or campsite perimeter alarm.
Now you can feel safe in knowing, your child and yourself have something that will get you help when you need it. Now we know my niece has this and her mace in case some emergency happens.

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