With summer being here, the guys have been going around and fixing things like the pool deck and using Kapro and Knipex tools are the best way to get things done.  Whether a big job or a little they are a great bunch of tools to use for every day and for those tougher jobs.

Every man and woman need the tools that will help them the most, and these tools are the best and strongest. There are all kinds that can help you achieve , the job you need to be done,

Tape measures can help in so many different ways, measure a surface or in the guy's case boards and where they need to cut them so they can replace the ones that are no good on the deck, this has come in handy with all they have been doing,

363 Kaprometer K-30 with Beamfinder™ flip cover

The distance measurer with the Beamfinder flip cover, this has come in handy when we are looking for beams, to hang pictures and other things, Finding beams is hard when we have no idea where they are with this we are able to find them without an issue.

  • with gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use
  • with cutting edges for soft and hard
  • long cutting edges for thicker cables
  • cutting edge hardness approx. ca. 60 HRC
  • Special tool steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened



  • For siphons, tube fittings and connectors up to 80 mm diameter
  • Fine adjustment for ideal adjustment to diverse diameters
  • Robust, heavy duty
  • ideal for tightening and loosening siphon screw connections, plastic pipe fittings and round union nuts
  • for connectors and couplings with screw connection, such as Cannon circular connectors
  • for gentle loosening of hoses on nozzles
  • 25 adjustment positions, box-joint design
  • ergonomic handle geometry
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened

  • handy use when working in confined areas thanks to slim head design and pointed jaws (anti-twist)
  • Gripping surfaces with special convex contour on one side for secure gripping of flat parts
  • milled groove in the gripping area permits small parts such as nails, pins and bolts to be held and pulled
  • the reliable and diverse combination pliers when out and about
  • easy cutting thanks to the high leverage joint
  • with cutting edges for soft, medium-hard and hard wire
  • long service life and stable tips
  • forged from special high grade tool steel, manifold oil-hardened

All of these tools are great for doing the job right, from measuring to beam finding and tightening things up these companies are where to go for some heavy-duty tools.

Website Knipex

Website Kapro

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