With the world going through what it is, we want to be safe. Knowing this there are so many things we can use to do so. Recently I was looking for something new that I could use as a hand cleaner, that's where Evolved By Nature comes in, they had what I wanted and more.


Made with Activated Silk™ 10S, our patented silk cleansing system, this hand soap cleans and moisturizes hands without harming the skin barrier, even with frequent use. With minimal, naturally derived ingredients—no SLS, no fossil fuel derivatives, no synthetic fragrances and no unnecessary chemicals—it’s bioharmonious with skin and the environment when washed away. Available in an elegantly unscented formula.

This is the perfect soap to use, the whole family loved it and will be getting some more. For me the way it leaves my hands feeling clean and soft, and theres no hard smell, like some hand soaps have, this is just nice and can come in scent free.


And what about those people that suffer from, cracked and dry hands, They have something thats perfect for that, the hand therapy. This helped my hands when they were so dry and cracked from cleaning with heavy cleaners. Made with hydrating Activated Silk™, our hand therapy is an enriched cream designed to protect the skin barrier and deliver intense lasting hydration to dry, cracked skin.'


All of their products are:

  • Free from fragrances, allergens, parabens, phthalates and unnecessary chemicals
  • Derived fromorganic, cruelty-free natural silk cocoons, using discarded ones not viable for textiles
  • Good for the planet – biodegradable when washed away
  • Cruelty-free and made in Massachusetts

Love this product! Makes my hands feel soft and smooth.  My skin absorbs it without leaving it greasy. Have you used something and your hands feel all greasy, well this right here doesnt, that was a big plus for me. I love things that are great and leave my skin feeling great. I have used others in the past and they made me feel all slimey, this goes on smooth and absorbs great, leaving my hands looking and feeling perfect.

For all your needs, head over to Evolved By Nature and see thier products.

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