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All You Need In A Box

Aa the holidays are right around the corner, there are still some people you need to get presents for. But what do you get them, there are a few people I know that would love a Cannabox, what is that? A monthly cannabis box,.

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These boxes are great and have a theme to them, the one I got was Halloween-themed and the person loved it. Some people like to go out and buy their cannabis and related supplies. Others might find getting to a dispensary a bit of a hassle. That’s why marijuana subscription boxes have remained popular as marijuana legalization has grown

Each month you get a new box and they have something you can use with your marijuana, this box came with papers, a lighter and a glass bong, and a candle, The bong is made sturdy and has a pumpkin in the center of the bong and its working great for the person.


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Cannabox is an exclusive monthly marijuana subscription box service that is often given as a gift. It’s a way to provide the recipient with the experience of cannabis-related products without the inconvenience of having to make a shopping trip. Instead, it’s delivered right to their door. What I love is that every box they receive will be different, nothing the same and they can stop it at any time. I loved working with them and giving me the chance to review one. I love everything I get it's awesome!!

Delivery is fast and it came in no time at all, we are so amazed at the whole package and the packaging of the bong. It was packed well so it didn't break. when we received it, it was fine. Thats the one thing he's crazy about, he said it's the best one he has of now, I'm not even a smoker but am telling all my friends who are about it! Best one out there!

Cannabox offers premium cannabis smoking accessories, custom T-shirts, and other paraphernalia, offering monthly, themed, mystery boxes to showcase exclusive bongs, hand pipes, rolling papers, and smoking necessities. The site is tailored for discovery by both new and experienced cannabis users, with curated recommendations, and more than 3,000 user reviews.


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