Turkish bath towels are regarded as one of the most ideal bathroom accessories. They help  you dry up and keep warm as you come out of the shower. In addition to providing an aesthetic appeal to your restroom, they can also add to your home decor. Turkish towels are considered to have originated almost six hundred years ago. 

Over the last few years, Turkish towels have become increasingly popular in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Turkish towels come in all sizes with decorative designs and are better at drying you off compared to regular towels. 

These products are traditionally manufactured. They are also regarded as an ideal choice for travel. They are lighter in weight, and hence they are not going to add to the weight of your luggage during the trip.


Benefits of Turkish Towels

The Turkish towels are composed of Turkish cotton along with additional fibres that make them stronger and lighter in weight. They are also referred to as Hammam and Peshtemal. One of the biggest reasons for their wide popularity is their ability to dry you off faster compared to regular towels. 

  • These towels feature Turkish cotton, which provides a smooth surface. Hence, they are regarded as a smart choice for people with delicate skin. 
  • Turkish cotton has longer strands. As a result, these towels have fewer joints in them which make them stronger and last longer compared to regular towels. 
  • Turkish towels have a soft surface, to begin with, but they become softer after each wash. This provides a great feel when drying off even after using the towel over a long period. 
  • While regular towels mostly absorb the moisture from your skin, Turkish towels work effectively by pushing most of the moisture and water from your skin and absorbing what is left. This helps you dry up faster. Additionally, because of this feature, Turkish towels do not pick up a lot of moisture and hence weight after being used. Therefore they dry faster. They are also less prone to collecting mold as they let go of the moisture very quickly compared to regular cotton. 
  • They are less bulky and lighter in weight, and thus they can be stored easily.


Types of Turkish Towels

The market is filled with a vast array of cute Turkish towels, and you can easily find one catering to your needs. Here is a list of the different kinds of Turkish towels. 

Turkish bath Towel

This product is recommended for the bathroom as it helps in drying your body in no time once you step out of the shower. The lower absorbent power makes it an ideal choice for bath towels. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of the restroom and provides a sophisticated feel.


Turkish Beach Towel

These products feature high versatility which makes them the most ideal choice for your beach trip. As it is reversible, travelers carry it during participation in different water activities. One side of the towel is made up of regular flat-woven cotton, and the other side is made of terry cloth. These towels are great for the pool or beach. Most of the Turkish beach towels come equipped with an in-built Velcro pocket to store cell phones and keys while you are in the water. 


Hand Face Towel

If you have sensitive skin, the hand face towels are one of the best options for you. They are generally stylish and add to your home decor. They are fast drying and lighter in weight, making them a great choice to dry your hands and face. These hand face towels are resistant to tearing, piling and yet silky at the same time. They tend to push the majority of water of your skin and absorb the rest. 


Pestemal Turkish towel



Turkish towels are also known as Pestemal. They are handwoven by families living in Turkey using Turkish cotton. Usually, the weaving skills are passed down from one generation to another. These towels are thin, lighter in weight and very durable. They are available in different tones, weights, designs, and texture. Pestematel towels are an ideal travel companion for gym, travel, boat, sauna, sports, etc. You also add to the elegance of your bathroom as you choose these products. 


Queen Size Turkish Towel

Queen size Turkish towels are enormous! Usually twice as wide as regular towels. They are equipped with typical fringed edges and are composed of 100% cotton. As they boast of a larger size, they are considered to be an ideal choice for the beaches, picnics, and outdoor trips. You can also consider placing them in your guest bedroom. 


Round towels

Round towels are incredibly versatile. Their thin fabric makes them extremely light-weight, compact and hence a great travel companion wherever you go. You can also throw them over the couch or cushions to add to your home decor. 

Turkish towels feel great on the skin, last for a long time and get softer with each wash. They are also great for your home decor as they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. 


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