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It can be extremely important to allow your teenage son or daughter to find their own independence as they begin to grow. It might be that you let them head out with their friends to the local mall at around 13 or 14, depending on how you personally want to parent. This not only helps them make friends and hang with their peers, but gives them confidence, the ability to look out for themselves, and the confidence to be on their own without your guidance. It can be a big day when you do this, no matter what age you feel is most necessary for them to go forward. It’s the first sign that your child is starting to become their own person. From here on out, the little adjustments of parenthood will have to define itself with this new relationship becoming more autonomous on both ends, but no less loving of course.


However, just because you’ve let your child out to relax with their friends on their own in a public place, it doesn’t mean you need to be any less concerned with what they’re up to. Here are some tips to help you stay aware:


Tracking Apps


Of course, you might trust your child’s friends. You might know they have a good head on their shoulders. You may have agreed to a select time in which they’ll head out with their friends, and where they’ll be picked up. You might have agreed that they will stay within the confines of the shopping mall in the view of the public. However, if they’re not in your sight, then they’re not in your sight. Family Orbit offers phone tracking app utilities that allow you to verify where your child is at any time. This can help you ensure they are following your previous agreements, or potentially find them if they don’t arrive at the meeting point. It can help you feel a lot more secure in the situation, knowing that if something is awry you will know within minutes, not hours.


Know Who They’re Hanging With


It’s important to know just who the friends are that your child is hanging with. Are they good kids? Are they rebellious kids? Are they part of a weird ‘scene?’ It’s perfectly fine to disapprove and even limit your child from going out with people who you feel to be opposite to the healthy development of your child. Even if you’re allowing them to head out, you still have the power to veto. You’re the parent after all. A little social reconnoasciance of this sort can go a long way, and a sure fire way of exercising this intelligently is to meet the parents of said child before they become ‘hanging-worthy.’




Simply asking what happened after can help you ensure that your child had a good time, and from there you might decide on more beneficial options, or let them head out once more. With this information in mind, you can help your child develop in the best way possible.


With these tips, your child gaining independance will be done as healthily as can be.

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