Easter is just around the corner, and if you want a break from the norm, it may be time to give something egg-stra special this year. When it comes to Easter, it’s always nice to give something a little different. Chocolate eggs are a great gift, but they can be somewhat tedious. What’s more, more people are seemingly health conscious than ever before. Many parents don’t want their kids to have too much chocolate. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to omit presents this year. On the contrary, there are some fantastic Easter gifts that the whole family will love.


So, if you are stumped as to what to buy, you needn’t look any further. We’ve got it covered.


Extra Special Easter Gifts for Kids


The kids are probably the easiest people to please this coming holiday. There is so much stuff that they will love to receive. If you want to make sure that your children, nieces and nephews aren’t gorging themselves silly on chocolate, why not get them an array of arts and crafts? Easter bonnet making kits, coupled with Easter colouring books can be an excellent way to engage them with their creative side. For younger kids, a stuffed bunny or lamb is the perfect gift to bestow. They are seasonal and oh-so cute. What’s more, it’s a cherished toy that they can love for many years to come. For older teenagers, rabbit and egg shaped bespoke bath bombs are the perfect present. After all, it’s nice to have an indulgent gift that doesn’t cause cavities!


Something For the Adults This Coming Easter


Of course, it’s not just the kids who should get all of the fun during Easter. For older siblings or close friends, you can treat them to lots of little things. After all, what could be nicer than giving your best friend a gorgeous Easter gift? If you are stumped, it may be nice to garlands, bunting and garden ornaments of our favourite Easter related characters. There are some seriously quirky gardening finds on http://www.giftsfromhandpicked.co.uk/. They are stunning, different and sure to please the adults during the holidays.


Alternative Easter Presents For Grandparents


Grandparents give so much, yet they seem to get so little in return. Many older people, however, are turned off from chocolates and candies. They don’t appear to want these gifts. But, there are other Easter gifts that you can give. How about pastel garlands for the door? Pretty wreaths adorned with pastel coloured eggs are beautiful. They are a fantastic gift to give, and they are a welcome change from the norm. Of course, you don’t have to purchase home wares. Espresso sets, baking goods and gardening tools are all lovely presents to bestow. A potted plant can be a wonderful way to show that you care.





Easter gifts don’t have to be expensive. A small token of your love this coming holiday need not cost a fortune. But, you don’t have to give chocolate eggs either. A small gift or keepsake is a fantastic alternative. What’s more, these perfect gifts can be treasured for a lifetime.

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