Hoodies have become so popular in the last several years. They have become a real fashion item and it is no longer strange if a celebrity A-lister wears them in public.

But because of that, the perception of this product has changed a lot. When wearing them, most people are trying to look stylish, trendy and youthful. It seems that you can no longer casually wear a hoody. Instead, you need to follow some fashion tips that will help you look stunning or cool. Nowadays, successful people are wearing hoodies and it has become an acceptable outfit in business circumstances too.

How it all started


Although hoodies might look as a relatively new item, they have existed for quite a while. In fact, the first one were produced during the 1930s by Champion Products. Initially, they were mainly used for sport events as they could easily be worn regardless of the situation and weather. They were very light, casual, and they felt good on your body.

The weather component is the main reason why the product became so popular. Hoodies have a big level of adaptability and are especially great if you’re uncertain whether or not it is going to rain. They can also work well when its windy.

As the time went by, they became more and more popular among “urban kids” and in time, they became accepted even by older generations. Today, they are regarded as one of the best clothing items in the world.


Tips for wearing a hoodie


Besides the mentioned factors, hoodies became for their transformational value. You can combine them with various other clothing items and they will not look trashy. Here are some tips that will help you wear a hoodie depending on a situation.


  • Layered look


Hoodie looks pretty amazing when combined with other clothing. You can even wear it with some official items such as shirts and even business outfits. The most interesting thing about this combination is that it doesn’t look aggressive or over the top. For some reason, hoodie gives a nice balance to the whole combination and makes it more casual. It’s like wearing a shirt with jeans: elegant but trendy. To wear it the right way, you have to wear a zip up hoodie over a regular t-shirt. After that, you can also add a jacket or a coat to complete the look.


  • Athleisure look


As already mentioned, the main reason why someone would wear a zip up hoodie is because of the comfort factor. This is precisely why it works so well for athleisure look. You will look both fashionable and you will have the comfort that you’re yearning for. However, you need to be very careful with this look as it can easily go sideways. It shouldn’t simply look as if you threw a hoodie just because you were lazy. Instead, it has to look planned. One of the best combinations you can try is a black zip up combined with black joggers and leather sneaker. Did we also mention that this outfit can be worn regardless of weather conditions?


  • Together with a leather jacket


Leather jackets are some of the coolest fashion items money can buy. They are popular among women and men and they can be worn with various other pieces. The combination is especially amazing for those want to look youthful. Leather jackets are really edgy, cool and they are great for a night out. When combined with hoodies, you can create a stylish effect (if you wear a more stylish hoodie) or more casual appearance (with a casual hoodie). If you need a suggestion, we urge you to try a classic black jacket with jeans. Top it off with a hoodie. Make sure to try several of them before you make a decision.


Additional tips


Of course, if you don’t like our suggestions, you can also experiment a bit by yourself. There are lots of combinations you can try out so as long as you follow these simple rules:


  • You should wear a hoodie that you like; instead, go with a hoodie that can match other clothing
  • Items that you wore as a teenager may not be ideal; instead go for products that are more suitable for your age
  • Pullover designs are usually much classier than your regular zip up designs
  • There is no need to hunt for latest and trendiest hoodies. Even cheap hoodies can do work if they are worn the right way
  • If you want to go with something a bit more stylish, with don’t you go with a fitted hoodie? This will definitely help you stand out
  • Logos are undesirable. The same goes with all other types of prints. Of course, this rule only applies when you wear a hoodie with other pieces


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