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Amuse Kids With These Toys!

It's Easy To Amuse The Kids With These Amazing Toys

Giving kids toys at Christmas time never gets old, especially when it comes to educational toys. The main thing most look for is “does it amuse them?”. You can give them the “popular” ones but those usually last a little while before breaking. Of course, kids get bored quickly too. That's why I love the big box of toys I received. My granddaughters had a great time giving me their opinions! From Hog Wild Poppers to Playmobil Air to Stunt Show, there are many to choose from. I will go through each toy in the box so you have some great gift ideas!

Toys That Teach Are The Best

My granddaughters love toys that teach them skills. It seems as if those keep them busier and their minds occupied, in a good way. I've given them quite a few toys in their lifetimes and of course, some just fall short. However, when it comes to educational toys, they win their attention and amuse them! Not only that but also learning something while they think they're just having fun works great for parents. There's nothing better than a happy child learning needed skills.

Hey Buddy Hey Pal Cake-N-Bake Challenge – This exciting, fast-paced game teaches little ones about matching colors while building a beautiful cake. It comes down to “the fastest baker wins” as they say. The pieces of cake are made of textured foam and there are pictures of rainbow sprinkles, gummy pandas, multi-colored candies, and strawberries. There are certain cards you draw and depending on which one you get it could spell disaster! Oh, did I mention that it comes with a bell and a wonderful chef's hat? It's perfect for ages 4 and up.

Giga Bots Blaze and Gripbot – These are for kids a little older because there are 33 pieces in each pack. These amazing bots can be transformed into 13-inch poseable figures. The thing I love about these is that kids can assemble and reassemble to create completely unique characters. The sky's the limit when using their imaginations. The box says this is for ages 5 and up, however, you might have to help younger kids.

ZipLinx Jumping Triple Tower Blast – This wonderful toy is suited for ages 6 and up (adults would love it too!). It comes with everything needed to let kids' imaginations run wild, and then some. This is a chain reaction game and children will love the 9 feet of interlocking ZipLinx pieces. There is an unlimited amount of ways to set up these creations! It all depends on the genius creating it. This toy is so much fun.

Hog Wild Poppers – These fun little playthings shoot soft, foam balls up to 20 feet. There are many to choose from, but the ones I received were the Gingerbread Man and the Nutcracker. It's fun to shoot the balls especially if you set up targets (not included).

Playmobil Air-Stunt Show Tiger Propeller Plane – Last, but certainly not least, the Playmobil plane is one of my granddaughter's favorite toys! The 11-year-old grabbed this immediately and began putting it together. It comes with 43 very detailed pieces that create whatever scene your child can imagine. With a name like Playmobil you know you're receiving quality. Their toys are well-made and stand up to any busy kid.

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