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An Alternative To Nutrition

This Is A Fun, New, Alternative Way To Enjoy And Absorb Nutrition

We all want a way to get and stay healthy, especially as we age.  One of the main issues with eating is the absorption of nutrition.  Unfortunately, if you don't know which foods are rich in these important nutrients, you don't know what foods to eat.  Not only that, but what can you do if you're always on the go?  I have the answer to that!  Meepo is an amazingly inventive alternative to nutrition.  As a matter of fact, it's the future of nutrition!  What is Meepo?  It's these small gummy cubes that look like little pieces of candy.  Oh, plus they taste absolutely delicious.  Your brain thinks it's getting a treat but your body is getting vitamins it needs.  It's a win-win!

Alternative Nutrition Called Mealcubes

This alternative reminds me of the old movies that thought we'd be eating little cubes in the “future”.  Oh, wait, these are cubes!  It's almost like it is the future.  So what exactly is a mealcube?  They're perfectly planned meals, such as salmon, kale, sweet potato, etc., all hidden in a yummy little cube.  Imagine the possibilities!  Each cube replicates the protein, carbs, fat, calories, micronutrients, minerals, and fiber of these meals.

Not only will these blow the lid off of the food market, but we haven't even talked about the other ways these could help.  These little mealcubes can be used in the military and carried easily as they're on the go.  They can also be used in healthcare, such as giving them to the elderly in nursing homes.  What is the worst epidemic facing this world?  No, not counting the current pandemic.  It's undernourishment and this can certainly help that.  The last important need is for emergencies.  One thing this pandemic has taught us is that nothing is completely reliable.  If you're in a pinch and don't have food, these mealcubes can save your life.

Let's all jump on this and become the healthy people that we can actually be!  Your health is the one thing that you can't take for granted.

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