The Truefitt & Hill essential starter pack contains a variety of items to assist you in achieving the perfect shave. Including their award-winning Pre-Shave oil, a hand-made super badger shaving brush, a shaving cream travel tube and their Classic Aftershave Balm.



Truefitt & Hill certainly provides elegant shaving products. So much so, that my husband is hesitant to use them because they are, “almost too elegant, and too good for him.” He thinks these products bar-none and now refuses to purchase shaving products from any other brand.

Truefitt & Hill of course, are higher quality and are made more precisely than brands and products he has routinely bought over the years. Thankfully, some of the shaving items came with refills so we don’t have to worry about buying anything else for quite awhile. I think he is also planning on spoiling our sons, as he will not introduce them to any other brands– and they are just now beginning to shave.

My husband enjoys Truefitt & Hill so much, I think we may have to see if it’s possible to buy stock in them– goodness knows we will end up spending quite a bit of money with them. That being said, I am quite happy to do so, as better quality lasts longer, and provides better results. Making it more of an investment for the family rather than continuously spending hard-earned money on short-lived, wasteful products.


Truefitt & Hill products have a long-lasting lifespan. So long, in fact, I wouldn’t doubt we still own some of the original items that we received by the time we are great-great-grandparents. Wouldn’t that be grand?

It’s unfortunate Truefitt & Hill does not create shaving items for women. I wouldn’t mind purchasing some for myself– especially since they last for a considerably long time.

Visi truefittandhill. to view their entire product line and purchase gift packages for the men in your life in time for Father’s Day. They are absolutely worth every penny.

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