Ancient Foods We Still Consume and Enjoy Today

Ancient Foods We Still Consume and Enjoy Today

Food has a rich history that spans centuries, continents, and cultures. You might think that archaic recipes are a thing of the past, but the truth is that much of our modern cuisine has roots in old cooking habits. When eating these historical snacks, you take a bite out of history—literally! Discover some ancient foods we still consume and enjoy today.


Chain restaurants and local diners have turned pancakes into everyone’s favorite breakfast food. However, did you know that these sweet morning treats have ancient origins? Scientists discovered the remains of Otzi the Iceman, a prehistoric European man, with remnants of wheat pancakes in his stomach. Because of this astonishing revelation, we now know that ancient Greeks enjoyed delicious flapjacks as early as 3,300 BCE!


No movie night is complete without a bowl of popcorn to share between friends. While many people may attribute this salty snack to the cinema, it got its start thousands of years ago. Through various archeological studies, experts determined that humans have consumed popcorn for almost 9,000 years. Ancient civilizations in modern-day Mexico learned early on that heating corn kernels caused them to “pop,” creating a fast and fulfilling snack option that has withstood the test of time.


If you’re trying to find “the best things since sliced bread,” you’ll have to travel pretty far back in time. This is because humans have been enjoying bread for nearly 30,000 years! Prehistoric humans baked wheat over an open flame, creating a dense flatbread that was easy to consume and provided necessary energy. Over the years, civilizations have modified recipes, creating a lighter, fluffier version similar to what we know now.


Even if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, everyone has a favorite candy. While ancient Egyptians often receive credit for the invention of candy, several archaic societies contributed to the sugary treats we all know and love. What first began as a simple honey and fruit mixture exploded into a booming industry over the years. Candy is perhaps the most exciting ancient food we still consume and enjoy today.

Learning about history doesn’t have to be boring. Now that you know about some prehistoric snacks and their humble origins, you can develop a greater appreciation for food and enjoy it more deeply.

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