In an ideal world, you’d buy a home, and it would stay in that same fresh condition indefinitely. Sadly though, we don’t live in an ideal world! Every house has problems, whether they appear over time or are caused by our own actions. Seen as you’re reading this, I’m sure you know all about them! Here are a few common household problems, and what you can do to fix them.


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One of the most frustrating problems I’ve had to deal with comes with renovations and redecorating. Despite all the precautions, drips of paint run down the wall, and end up staining a perfectly good carpet. This might be because you failed to cover up one little patch of the floor with plastic. Other times, people finish the job, then try to do a few careful touch-ups after they’ve removed the covering. Whatever the reason, it’s important to act quickly. If you see the paint hit the carpet, soak it up immediately, trying not to spread it into more of the carpet. Then, pour distilled vinegar into a fresh cloth, then work at blotting the stain. You should start to see it lift off soon enough!

Next, cabinets that don’t close all the way. I don’t know what it is, but this is one of the most annoying problems I’ve ever come across in a house. What should be a simple flick of the wrist becomes all kinds of struggling and banging to get the door closed. In most cases, the unit wasn’t installed properly, and the doors overlap somewhat. If there’s a gap, you should try tightening the hinges. This may fix the problem immediately. If there’s an overlap instead, try carefully loosening the screws in the hinges. This will bring the doors closer to the frames. If all else fails, then you’ll have to buy and install new hinges. This may be a hassle, but the relief you’ll get from it is well worth it! See This Old House for a tutorial.


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Finally, damp. This is one of the most annoying issues you can have in a home, especially when you’re having trouble finding the source of it. This problem can be solved easily by hiring in a company like Tapco Homedry, but there are still some possible DIY fixes. There may be a fault in your gutters or plumbing system. Check these areas for blockage, clear it out, and the problem might disappear immediately. Other times, damp in the walls might be caused by excessive condensation in the home. This usually manifests in the walls, and will feel wet to the touch. This can be solved by installing extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Alternatively, you could look at getting a climate control humidifier. There are any number of causes and any number of solutions. Get to the root of the problem, and it shouldn’t take long to find the right solution.

I hope this guide has helped you with any of your household problems. With most problems in the home, there’s an easy DIY fix. When in doubt though, go to a professional!

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