My family loves getting together and bond with each other. There’s no better feeling that you are spending quality time with your parents and siblings. Sometimes we like to play board games to pass the time. One of our favorite competitive games is BINGO. Who doesn’t love playing BiNGO especially since the winner gets bragging rights? Antsy Pants Bingo is a fun game our kids enjoy playing. The artwork is vibrant and easy to understand.

Since my family is small, the Ansty Pants Bingo Game is perfect for us since only up to four players can play at any given time. We are a family of four and we think its perfect. My kids love that its a classic game that’s very easy to understand. Me being a parent loves that it straightforward without so much critical thinking needed to play it. It includes four game cards, twenty-four icon cards, and eighty bingo markers. I love that so much variety can be drawn to eliminate the repetition and boredom of playing such an old time favorite classic.

I think the Ansty Pants Bingo Game is perfect for the younger children starting at age four, because this game encourages them to focus on learning their letters. Playing the game is very easy. You basically draw a card and match it to the icons on the game card. If the icon matches one of the icons on your game card, then cover that icon with a marker. The center icon is a free spot and can have a marker already placed on it. Repeat the process of drawing cards. Then, the first one who covers five spots either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on their game card wins. But they must call out BINGO first!

It is such a fun game, and can be played over and over for a quick moment of fun.

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