Anxiety is the worst.  I myself am known to have bouts of anxiety and I know many others also, some mild but some very severely affected.  One thing is for sure though, when it happens it is not pleasant.  Sure there are plenty of medications you can take to help relieve your anxiety but for those who do not want to go that route there is another way.

Breathing exercises, other helpful non-medication things  to do that people suggest, all great ideas and I am sure they have helped people but they just never worked for me at least.  I am only speaking for myself but it seemed nothing made my anxiety abate a bit other than medication.  I really hated to think that every time I had anxiety (which was getting more frequent) that the first thing I would do is want to take something.  I was determined to find a better way to deal with my anxiety.

Mantra Mesh is what has helped me tremendously.  It is a cute bracelet, not flashy or bulky or anything of the sort, just wraps around your wrist and is a nice neutral color.  You put this little magnet under the bracelet at the wrist and it vibrates.  If you know that you are going into a stressful situation, like maybe a meeting at work or a presentation, you can start it a few minutes before the anxiety kicks in but the beauty of this is that if you start to feel anxiety or panic, you can use it then as a natural and quick remedy.

I also suffer from motion sickness.  Like the anxiety is not bad enough, I have to worry about long car rides, buses, ferries – I am just a mess.  Mantra Mesh helps with that too so when I know that I am going somewhere where I will not be the one driving, I use it to help with the motion sickness.

It is also great for morning sickness so if you are pregnant or know someone who is and they suffer from morning sickness, it is a wonderful way to help relieve that morning sickness without having to take anything and you know that it is safe.

If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, motion sickness, or even morning sickness, check out the Mantra Mesh bracelet for a safe way to control them without having to take any medications and see if it can help give you relief quickly and safely.

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