I was excited when I got the chance to do this review, applied labels said yes to me . I decided to get my nieces name Amanda and Princess because to all of us she's our little princess. Well she's not little anymore.

The labels are sleek , clean, sharp. and classic looking, alternative labels that shout out to you, the labels are dishwasher safe as well as laundry safe.

My package included the following:
90 applied labels
30 Blank Clothing Backers
1 Strip of 12 clear shoe shields
104 Mini labels

I thought she could use these labels for her school things, so she didn't lose them.The plain backs are good for her to add to her jacket and simple to use , all you do is attach it to the label already on the cloths. And the shoe ones she can attach to any of her extra shoes. School Labels are pretty nice.

These labels are great for kids  in day care so that you can attach them to all the things you take with them. And are great as bottle labels for the babys we take to day care.

They are also good for camp labels  where you can add the names to things they take to camp.

They come in black and white and have 19 different icons to choose from. I know I would get them for people I know who have new baby's.

The nice people of applied Labels  are giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a 25.00 ecard too use towards labels of their own, all you have to do is enter below and good luck

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  1. Birdiebee says:

    I would love to have a bunny on them as well as the name: MTFunnyBunny.

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