I always love to look at aquariums. There is just something peaceful and soothing about watching fish swim around.  Very calming. Good for stress.  However, all the aquariums I see are huge.  I used to have one myself a long time ago because I was tired of the old little fishbowls and having to change the water and all.  The aquarium was big, as most are, and it took up a lot of room and as I got more “stuff” I could not have that big aquarium taking up all my space.

I was so excited when I found biOrb has tube aquariums  that are not huge yet do the same thing as my big aquarium did.  I never had a lot of fish so the big aquarium was kind of silly for the amount of fish I had but I just could not stand changing water all the time and having to remove the fish to do so. I also found that my fish lived longer in an aquarium as opposed to a regular old fish bowl of old.  It might be coincidence, but that was my experience.

The tube aquariums come in 2 sizes, one holds approximately 4 gallons of water and the other approximately 10.  I like to keep mine on my desk so the smaller size was perfect but the larger size would have easily fit on my end table  in my dining room for a nice conversation piece. It comes with the air pump and filter  cartridge and even water conditioner and your choice of light.  All you pretty much need to do is supply the fish.

Of course, you are going to want to add some décor to your aquarium and they have plenty of that too.  I opted for the décor set in red  which came with starfish, nice flowers on wood look, a sea lily, a color ball, and a crimson sea fan. It is perfect and the color is striking.  Of course, there are other décors that you can choose from also.

If you miss the look and peaceful calm of an aquarium but do not have the room, the biOrb tube aquarium is definitely what you are looking for.  Two sizes for however small you need it, and a great way to get your fish back without having to change water all the time or worrying about it taking up all your space.  Check out their products for yourself here.


And now for the giveaway, one lucky reader will win a biOrb tube aquarium enter below and good luck. Us only and must be 18 years or older.  


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