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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a customized face cream kit that would help pin point your problem areas on your face? Ardole has such a beautiful set that is packaged lovely in a special do it yourself kit. The kit is exactly with someone who has an oily face and gets constant blackheads need in a trying time. Especially for a girl who gets her period, hormones come into play and can cause awful breakouts that we hope to avoid. Using one of their kits definitely helps.


I love that Ardole can create those custom do it yourself face creams that you can make yourself. Each kit is a customized box from taking your own skin diagnostic through their website. The questions are catered to understand you and your environment to give you the best possible kit. Some questions you will see include asking how much sun you get, whether you smoke or any allergies you suffer from. I like that it even asks your scent preferences for a truly customized feel.

My amazing Ardole kit came with six amazing ingredients. I got Apricot Kernel Oil. This type of oil is light and very gentle. It is potent in Vitamin E. The Vitamin E makes for a wonderful protective layer in keeping a soft and hydrated skin tone. Then there is the Natural Emulsifier. Its duty is to include barrier repairs and has soothing properties. I love the scent of the Rose Floral Water. That ingredient made my face cream smell so heavenly. Next, the Aloe Vera! It keeps the skin hydrated, and saves it from inflammation and bacteria. It also has skin regeneration components. We can’t do without something that will tighten the skin and tone it! That’s where the Geranium Essential Oil comes in. Lastly, the preservative. Its main purpose is to make sure mold does not grow in your product.

I enjoyed making my concoction with the included double boiler kit and mini whisk. There was only six easy steps to perform and I had fun with them all. I loved the mini jars with the ingredients and the main jar to put my cream in after. All in all, it only took me fifteen minutes to make. The solution came out creamy and smooth. The scent was very appealing and the application on my skin felt good.

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