Are Raccoons Originated From The Same Family As Raccoon Dogs

Raccoon dogs are similar to wild raccoons. However, most people won’t be able to notice the difference between these animals and regular raccoons. This is because the coloring of the raccoon, as well as, the physical build of the raccoon is almost the same as raccoon dogs. 


However, while these animals look alike, they come from entirely different families. Wild raccoons come from the North American continent. Raccoon dogs, on the other hand, come from East Asia. 


We’ll discuss the differences and similarities of these animals here throughout the rest of the post. So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know!


Which Family Does The Raccoon Dog Come From?


Raccoon dogs are not well-known animals, but they are kept as pets by some animal enthusiasts. Also known as the tanuki, the raccoon dog originated from East Asia, and they come from an animal family known as the Canidae. A few different predators originate from the Canidae family. That includes wolves and foxes. 


What Other Similarities Do Raccoons and Raccoon Dogs Share? 


Still, while the raccoon and the raccoon dog come from entirely different animal families they do share many characteristics. In particular, raccoons like to live in and forage in similar natural habitats. Forested Areas are popular with both animals. 


You can also find raccoons and tanuki in wetlands and mountainous regions. Both of these animals also enjoy climbing trees, swimming in lakes and streams. They even feed on similar plants and small animals. 


But, you might find one of these animals around your home. If you do see a raccoon or a raccoon dog, visit Arizona Wildlife Control to find a professional near you. You want to use every resource available to you, as raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they are from the wild and are not domesticated. 


What Wildlife Experts Think about it?


Raccoons are very common wild pests; they are agile, adaptable, and strong. They are excellent climbers and are invasive to many areas of the home including the basement, attics, and yards. You can simply come across a raccoon or a raccoon dog on your property. If you need help dealing with these animals, talk to a professional. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire can help you relocate wild raccoons and other wildlife on your property. 


What Differences Are There Between Raccoons and Raccoon Dogs?


While the look of the raccoon dog is similar to that of the raccoon, there are a few differences in appearance that can be noticed. Raccoons tend to have more condensed bodies with shorter arms and longer tails. 


The tanuki is a little more slim and tall though with a slightly shorter tail. In particular, raccoons are measured at 16 and 28 inches. Raccoon dogs can be a few inches taller at 18 to 28 inches. 


The behavior and habits of these animals also differ. Raccoons tend to live in a larger group and will spend most of their life with their immediate family. Raccoon dogs will live in smaller groups or even pairs and like to groom their family. Raccoons don’t groom their family but they do sleep and eat with them.


Which Animal Makes A Better Pet?


Raccoons and Raccoon dogs are often kept as pets. Here is a great resource at if you are wondering if raccoons make good pets. 

Still, which animal makes a better pet? 


Either animal can be housed as a pet, but you want to have the right environment, training, and food for your animal. In addition, you need to consider the lifespan of the raccoon and the tanuki and which habitats are preferred by these animals. 


Typically, in the wild, raccoons will have the shortest lifespan. They only live up to a short two or three years. Tanuki, on the other hand, can live up to seven years in the wild. So, they tend to do better living in nature in comparison to raccoons. 


Raccoons can live up to twenty years in captivity. Raccoon dogs can live up to eleven years in captivity, but again they are better off being left in their natural habitat. Raccoons tend to be better pets for domestication. 


But you need the right clearances and resources to get them as a pet. As you can’t just pluck a raccoon from the wild and bring it home. 

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