Health trends come and go, sometimes before you even hear about them. So, are any of them worth trying for yourself? Learn about 5 popular ones here.


Health trends in 2020 are all about compassion. Compassion for yourself, for others around you, and for the animals that we share this planet with.

Add a dollop of fervor for fitness science and you have a recipe for holistic wellbeing. To reach health and wellness nirvana, you’re encouraged to look after yourself with all manner of concoctions, eschew meat in favor of plants, and track your every step.

Below, we dissect some of the three most popular healthy lifestyle trends of 2020 to find out if they’re fad or fabulous.

Putting Plants First

In early 2019, the Canadian government sparked debate when it released its revised food guide. Instead of the traditional nutritional pyramid, the Canadian plate placed plant proteins front and center.

Vegans and vegetarians around the world rejoiced. And other countries began to take a closer look at their national diet recommendations.

A year on, does this focus on plants hold up to the promise of a healthy lifestyle? Questions of cost aside, for the most part, the evidence says yes. Particularly when it comes to heart health. “Eating more plant-based foods can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and reduce your risk of heart disease,” the Mayo Clinic reports.

But remember, a plant-based diet might not be suitable for everyone. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any major dietary changes.

Health Trends in Fitness Tracking Technology

Go for a jog in the local park and almost everyone you see is wearing a fitness device. From Motiv Ring and Samsung Galaxy Fit to Xiaomi Smart Band and Fitbit Inspire, there’s a tracker to suit every exercise level and budget.

Proponents of wearable activity trackers say that they provide motivation through personal accountability, save you on insurance costs, and might even help to reduce staff turnover.

On the flip side, wearables often have disappointing battery run-times, can be expensive, and may encourage an unhealthy focus on numbers. Studies have even shown that the data from trackers can’t be trusted.

Despite the drawbacks, sales of activity trackers are skyrocketing. This is one wellness trend that’s here to stay.

Healthy Lifestyle on High With CBD

With an astonishing array of supplements on the market, you might be confused about which ones will improve your health and wellness.

One that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years is CBD (short for cannabidiol). While it is widely promoted as a cure-all, the strongest evidence for benefits of CBD is in treating childhood epilepsy, chronic pain, and mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Reviews on CBD are in their infancy, so expect more to come out about this product in the coming years.

Want to add CBD oil to your morning coffee? We say go for it. But be sure to check that it’s legal in your state or country first.

Balance Is Best

At the end of the day, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s all about moderation. Through fitness activities, you find fun, take some time to focus on yourself, and avoid following fad diets.

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