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“Are We There Yet”?

Have you ever taken a road trip with your kids?
If so, then you have most DEFINITELY heard the question “Are We There Yet?”
Children don’t really have a grasp of the concept of time when they are younger, so sometimes an hour drive can seem like an eternity to them if you don’t keep them engaged and occupied.
Check out 5 fun ways below that you can use to keep your kids from asking that dreaded question and while you’re on a road trip.

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Pack Snacks
Snacking can help keep the kids occupied and their tummies full too! Pack some healthy travel snacks like granola bars, trail mix, cereal, string cheese or some fresh fruit. Sometimes snacking more can lead to more little cat naps along the way.
Make sure when you are packing snacks, you keep them portion controlled. You don’t want to give them too much to drink as that may mean more stops to use the restroom!

Play the License Plate Game
This game can keep your kids (and you!) occupied for hours! The license plate game was definitely one of my favorite road-trip games when I was growing up, and it’s still just as fun today.
Print off a list of the 50 states so that your kids can check them off as they see them. This website has a great template checklist you can print off.

Activity Binders
Prepare for your road trip by taking a three-ring binder and fill it with information, games, maps, and CDS or DVDs. This is the perfect way for kids to feel like they are involved in the travel process!
Print out some information and pictures about the destination you are traveling to so it can be a fun educational experience for your kids as well. Also, print out a list of attractions and events.

If your kids are old enough, have them read through the attractions and make a list of their top 5 things to do and see while they are there. You can even find some discount coupons for restaurants and give them the option to pick a restaurant along the way or when you get to your destination.
Give a Treat Every Hour
If you are embarking on a 10+ hour road trip, then you might want to think about giving out a special treat every hour. As told on, Jennifer Guckiean of Alexandria, KY tucks treats into paper bags labeled with an activity, like finding a specific landmark or license plate, that kids must do before opening their treat bag.
Sing Along Games
Find a road-trip playlist before hitting the road, or make a playlist of your own that suits your kids’ interests. Be sure to add some of your favorites to teach your little ones as well so you won’t be singing “Let it gooooo” the whole trip.
Author: Samantha Tung handles online media relations for Caliber Collision. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and automotive blogs, and in her spare time, she enjoys taking road trips and traveling.