Are Wooden Toys Better? Decide it by knowing Benefits


Toys play a crucial role to develop a kid’s mind. They are sophisticated and develop the creativity and curiosity within a kid. This is the main reason; parents invest heavily in kid toys. This is the main reason; you can find a number of toys on the market. Toys are mainly made with plastic or synthetic but according to experts, these are harmful not only to the environment but also to the health of the kid. In this regard, it will be best to switch to wooden toys.

Here are the benefits to get from wooden toys.


  1. Wooden Toys Are Not Plastic 


The production of plastic toys requires fossil fuels. So, it is very harmful to the environment. Most environmentalists alarm for this reason and they don’t recommend the production of plastic toys. Non-organically toys like plastic and metal are always extracted from harmful substances like PVC, BPA, lead paint, and many more. Toddlers who tend to put toys in their mouths will easily face serious consequences from these toys. On the other hand, wooden toys are organic and are not toxic like plastic toys.


   2. An Eco-Friendly Choice 


If you want to gift an eco-friendly toy to your kid, it would be great to choose wooden toys. These are organic and there is no side effect on the kid and his health. This is the main reason, it would be great to come with a good design and perfect look wooden toy that can meet your entire requirement. According to a study, only at Christmas, almost 41% of all plastic toys go to landfills. On the other end, when the wooden toys go to the landfills, they don’t remain there for a hundred years like plastic toys.


  3. Wooden Toys Have Great Durability 


Most of the toys made with plastic or rubber are fragile. Needless to mention, kids are free to treat the toys according to their own wish. In this regard, these fragile toys get damaged easily and they sometimes get hurt due to broken parts. In this regard, parents get worried and kids receive unwanted injuries. This is another reason; parents prefer wooden toys that are durable and unbreakable to some extent.  In this way, parents don’t have to invest much in the toys and kids will play for a longer time without any injury.


   4. Wooden Toys Are Safer for Child 


When you are purchasing a toy for your child, safety should come to mind first. If the toy will hamper the kid, it is better to drop that plan. Plastic toys come with different small parts and most of the time, they hamper the kid seriously. Sharp bits of plastic cause injury and this is the main reason, it is not wise to purchase these plastic toys. Wooden toys made out of wood and pretty safe compared to these plastic toys. In this regard, kids can play safely for a longer time.


    5. Wooden Toys Last for a Longer Time 


Everyone knows that kids don’t treat their toys well unlike elders. Toys need to survive with their rough treatment. But, in the case of plastic toys, it doesn’t happen. They are easily breakable and don’t last for a long time. So, it will be best to go for the wooden toys for this cause.


   6. Wooden Toys Are Timeless 


The wooden toys don’t have any expiry period. They can go longer just by inspiring one generation to another. Wooden toys mainly get birth from the creativity of the craftsmen and they will go longer meeting the trend all the time. Visiting wooden toy store will let you have all these advantages.


    7. Less Distracting 


Wooden toys mainly come with less distracting features. They don’t have any sound or flashing lights to distract the kids playing with it. This simplicity makes these toys lovable. These are peaceful, quitter and inviting. So, they impact positively on the tender mind of the kids.


    8. Wooden Toys Let Kids Connect with Nature


Wooden toys are completely natural and the cravings are also made with hands. This is the main reason; they give a perfect fundamental understanding regarding nature and its contributions in the tender age. In this way, the kids get closer to nature, unlike artificial toys.


    9. Wooden Toys Reduce Anxiety 


Wooden toys make the kids curious but not over-curious or stressed. In this regard, their sense gets mold how to deal with the upcoming challenges quietly. In this way, it will be easier to come with the right kind of things that are certainly making a great positive impact on the kid and its mental condition. This is advantageous and adds positivity to the kid’s character that delivers outstanding results in the future.


   10. Wooden Toys Enhance Creativity 


Wooden toys are mainly craved with hands. They come with a natural finishing which is very hard to find from plastic toys. In this way, they not only provide a natural look but also give practical knowledge about carving and other things that literally enhances the creativity level of the kids.


     11. Accelerates The Cognitive Growth 


Each wooden toy is made to impact positively on a kid's mind. They mainly accelerate cognitive growth and enhance their thought-process along with logical capacity. When they grab, lift and balance these toys, their brain tracks all these movements thoroughly and develops itself according to them. In this way, a kid’s brain grows and delivers outstanding results in the future.


     12.Wooden Toys Are Affordable 


Unlike plastic toys, wooden toys come at a pocket-friendly price. The main reason for this affordability is these are mainly extracted from natural wood which is available in vast size. Carving and coloring these wooden toys are also much easier rather than the plastic toys. So, you have to spend less money to purchase these toys.


These are some of the advantages of the wooden toys that they keep themselves apart from the usual plastic toys. If you are gifting your kid these toys, he won’t get any kind of adverse impact, unlike plastic toys.

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