Are you green when it comes to interviewing? Are you looking for a job for the very first time in your life? For those who have never gone to an interview before (and even for those who have), the idea of proving your worth to strangers can be super intimidating. 

But job interviews are like most things in life. The more you practice, the better you’ll be. Interviews are a great way to make a solid first impression. And by landing the interview, you’ve already got one foot in the door. 


Follow these tips to give yourself the best chances of starting your job interview journey on the right note. 

1. Research the company and your resume. 

One of the questions an interviewer will ask you will have a lot to do with the company. They will ask what you know about the company and what led you to apply for a job with them. If you haven’t yet, be sure to thoroughly research the company. 


This means getting a good feel for the company’s website, checking out their social media profiles, and doing an Internet search to see if there is any relevant or breaking news about them. You should get a sense of what the company culture is like to see whether you’d be a good fit. 


Next, look at your resume and find any relevant skills or experiences that can help you land the job. This doesn’t have to directly translate to technical skills, but overall life experiences that make you an excellent choice for the team. 

2. Come up with your own questions. 

If there’s one thing a job interviewer loves, it’s people who ask intelligent and professional questions. If you’re new to the interviewing scene, definitely keep this tip in mind. You’ll get the chance to ask questions during your conversation with the recruiter. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge of the company and the job with relevant and enthusiastic questions. 

3. Be polite and confident. 

A little bit of politeness can go a very long way. It’s best to maintain a professional appearance, which means being kind and considerate in everything you do. Be sure to greet everyone you meet on the day of the interview, from the receptionist to the recruiter. You never know – they may be your future coworkers. Always smile and look your interviewer in the eye when you’re having a conversation. Address people by their surname and title, unless they ask you to refer to them by their first name. 

4. Be clear and direct. 

It’s important not to beat around the bush when answering a question. If you are asked to explain something, be as concise as you can. You don’t need to go overboard with anecdotes or try to incorporate too many technical terms into one sentence. Also, check out this amazing resource for all the tips that you’d need to perfect at your highest level for a job interview – Wall Street Mastermind Review. It’s a review website of one of the best investment banking interview courses out there. A must have if you’re serious about making it big in your career.


A general rule of thumb is to be confident and authentic throughout the entire interview process. You’ll find it much easier to actually land in good favor with the recruiter, who is likely to consider you for the job. 

5. Don’t argue. 

Remember that it’s always good to be polite. Make sure to never be argumentative with the job interviewer. If you are asked to share your viewpoint about something, make sure you do so in a professional and mature matter. If you disagree with something that the recruiter says, do not make a point to argue about it. You don’t need to accept their point of view to get the job, but you should learn to understand it and not create a tense situation just because you disagree.

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