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When your sin is dry and flaky, it’s tempting to soak in a bath of lotion and let nature do the rest. After all, moisture is great for the skin. The problem is that there can be too much of a good thing, even when the largest organ in the body doesn’t look fighting fit. So, when you overdo it, the opposite effect happens and there is zero benefit whatsoever.


Sadly, knowing it’s an issue isn’t the end of the line. To combat the problem, you have to be wary of the warning signs so that you can take action and limit the damage. Of course, you are not a dermatologist and don’t know the first thing about over moisturized skin.


That’s why you need to take a look at the following.



Oily Skin


Often, people put oily skin down to sweat or a glandular issue, but there’s a simpler solution. Thirsty skin soaks in moisture because it’s dry, but oily skin doesn’t have the same impact. Quite simply, the overuse of lotion leads to blockages in the pores and that causes the body to start developing natural oils. To stop this from happening, it’s essential only to use a pea-sized amount of lotion once or twice a day. That way, the skin will be thirsty again and soak up the moisturizer far better. Another excellent tip is to exfoliate. By doing this, you remove all the dirt, grime and oil from the pores and free them up. Think of it as a deep cleanse for the skin.


Signs Of Aging


Yes, dehydrated skin will lead to ailments such as wrinkle and crow’s feet, but so will over hydrated skin. It happens the most around the eyes because the area is thinner and less durable. As a result, it soaks up extra moisture than the rest of the face. Although this can be a good thing, it’s also dangerous as the additional moisture makes the area around the eyes susceptible to damage. One slip of the finger while applying makeup and a new blemish could appear in an instant. A great trick is to add lotion to the face and then concentrate on the eyes separately.


Steady Showers


There is nothing better than a shower as it refreshes and revitalizes. However, it also removes moisture from the skin and makes it drier and less hydrated. Of course, you can’t stop showering because it will cause a stink which is why you have to cut down. Rather than jumping in two to three times a day, cut it down to one. Anytime you feel unclean, consider a face or body wash instead of a full-blown shower. Also, reconsider how many times you moisturize after you bathe. An essential of how to use body lotion is to apply to wet skin, yet too much moisture and H2O don’t mix. If you love a bath or shower, you should only use lotion the once to be on the safe side.


Cracked Makeup


In the wintertime, it’s easy to think “my makeup is cracked so it must be because my skin is dry.” Unfortunately, that logic has side-effects for the skin as it causes you to overcompensate with lotion. Although you assume it will work, the truth is that it won’t, and it’s because over moisturizing is the problem in the first place. Take your lips as an example. When they are oily, they don’t create their own oils. The result is that they start to dry out and lipstick begins to erode in places. Small spots on the lips are also a sign that you need to lay off the balm.




Pimples, zits, spots – whatever you call them, they are the devil incarnate. Not only do they stand out like a sore thumb, but they also appear out of the blue without warning. At least, it feels as if there are no signs but there are telltale codes and one is using too much lotion. The reason is oil because the overproduction of it leads to the pores becoming clogged. As soon as the pores on the face begin to build up with grime, the bacteria which lead to spots multiple and grow. Without further ado, a mammoth zit appears on your forehead the night before a big dinner or date. Thankfully, breakouts of acne are easy to control with the right amount of lotion and a face steamer.



If you answer yes to any of the above, the odds are high that you are overdoing it with the moisturizer.

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