Mobility aids help people to move around with greater freedom.  They are not necessarily for specially-abled people, injured or senior citizens. Some of them are useful for anyone facing any difficulty in moving around. For example – people suffering from ankle fractures often resort to using walking canes just like seniors with severe arthritic problems do. However, we see seniors use these devices more frequently because they face health challenges more regularly than the younger population. Since some of the modern devices with ergonomic designs provide pain relief, you will mostly notice the older adults relying on them.

The wide range of mobility devices including wheelchairs, walkers and electric wheelchairs meets the various needs of people. Here are some of the most widely used mobility aids all senior citizens should know about –

  1. Wheelchairs

Has the doctor told you or your loved one to refrain from putting weight on their lower limbs and joints? Then, the best wheelchair is the perfect solution. In case you are worried about the stress on your upper body, you can relax. The modern ergonomic, electrical chairs offer unhindered mobility to the user. They not only help the older users move about independently, but they also allow them to live a pain-free life.


  1. Mobility scooters

You may have seen these at retail stores and shopping malls. Mobility scooters are similar to wheelchairs, but they usually have a set of 3, 4 or 5 wheels. These are battery-powered devices with cushiony seats, handlebars or steering wheels. These mobility scooters are especially helpful for those suffering from chronic mobility problems or a lack of upper body strength. Most importantly, people looking forward to using mobility scooters can receive professional training. Mobility scooters are most of the time more affordable than powered wheelchairs which makes them a cheaper alternative said the professionals from mobility scooter Melbourne store


  • Wearable medical alert device

People above the age of 60 are at high risk of suffering from heart problems, cerebral strokes, breathing troubles and a plethora of other medical challenges. It is indeed worrisome to let your parents or grandparents live alone, without a 24-hour attendant, at their home. The new-age wearable medical alert devices can take the place of round-the-clock attendants. In fact, through cloud connectivity, these devices can inform the community caregivers about their vital statistics each day and notify you and their doctor in the event of irregularities.


  1. AI-powered reminders and sensors

Sometimes, it is difficult for the senior citizens to remember to take all the medications. Instead of calling in every couple of hours to check, you can opt for the AI-powered reminder hardware and software. These can learn about the conditions that warrant medication. For example – specific wearable devices can indicate high blood sugar. An AI-fueled device connected to the monitor should be able to remind the user to take insulin or similar medication.

At the same time, several Android and iOS applications are emerging that can help the senior citizens lead a more enjoyable and rewarding life. Assistive and mobility devices aim to make life comfortable for the user. Therefore, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes are all different types of mobility assistance devices you can check out before you pick one for yourself or a dear one.

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