Weight has always been  an issue of mine. When I was a teenager it was easier to keep the weight off. I was more active and really didn't eat much. Now I have to eat, I get light headed and headaches if I do not eat. I also find that is my main reason I gain weight is because I do not eat properly and eat 3 times a day. I really need to get on a schedule. I have come across Atkins candies. The pecan caramel clusters and milk chocolate caramel squares. I am not usually a fan of low carb and sugar candy. But these were so yummy. The pecan caramel clusters are Atkins Pecan Caramel Clusters are made with indulgent caramel and real roasted pecans wrapped in rich chocolate. They have 1 gram of sugar. They are 120 calories. 2 carbs, and low glycemic impact. The milk chocolate caramel squares are made with indulgent caramel wrapped in a rich chocolaty coating. They also have 1 gram of sugar. 140 calories. 2 carbs and a low glycemic impact.
These candies were very yummy. I didn't really taste a difference. The creamy caramel and pecan clusters. oh, so delicious. These are great for when you get that sweet tooth. These are also great to put out in a candy dish for when you have your holiday company. For more information click here.

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