We live in South Carolina and our internet service is not the greatest at all times, when I was asked to do an honest review for the At&T Unite Pro I was more than excited too. Not only will this be the best thing for the house in case of emergency , we can take when we travel, we go away a lot and now we will be able to work from the road.

However, using a public WiFi networks has some pretty big drawbacks, the main one of which is the very fact that they are free, open, and unprotected. If lack of security doesn't bother you, the lack of speed might. Almost every public WiFi network I've been on has been next to unusable due to awful speed because everyone else is on it. It's horribly slow, but I could work in a pinch if I'm on the bus. It's a horrible battery drain however.

The AT&T Unite Pro looks stylish and has decent broadband download connection speed of 157 Mbps (stationary with 5 bar signal), on laptop. The Unite Pro and with fewer drop issues, being about 2-4x better in overall performance compared to an internally mounted 3G Ericson F3507g mobile broadband modem.

AT&T and Netgear promise up to 16 hours of battery life while in constant use. We never ran it all the way down, but it does last all day under normal usage, with our longest session lasting about 12 hours with just under 20 percent left. Love it no issues or any problems, using it more when we are on the road then at home, only when needed.


Cool feature, you can hook up your mobile device and charge it off of the hotspots battery. Great idea and feature, if you are hurting for juice.It is easy to use, with the touch screen, but the plastic does collect fingerprints, so keep the kids away, or be prepared to always be cleaning off the screen.

The device has a webserver built into it so you can edit the settings from a computer if you prefer. However, I find all the stuff you care about is accessible from the touchscreen.The device also shows your data usage so you can avoid overage and keep an eye on your consumption. This is nice and makes it easy to keep on top of your data usage.

The range of the AT&T Unite Pro is good. I had no problem getting a good signal on the other side of my house. battery life is rated for 16 hours. I seemed to be getting about half that. After a few hours usage, I was down to 50%. It is still not bad though. I tested the “BatteryyBoost” feature, and it works like advertised. The AT&T Unite Pro is a good device. It's well designed and performs well.  We cant get enough of this we love it .


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